New Label, Silverado Records Puts “Summer On Repeat” 

A newly founded label in Nashville, Silverado Records has been dominating the country music scene this year with new music from their artists. They also have been showcasing their singer’s songwriting skills with the Silverado Signature Songwriter Series.

Silverado Records doesn’t have any plans of slowing down, in fact they are turning up the heat this summer with a new album, Summer On Repeat, that features songs from artists on their roster, along with a few guest appearances by some familiar faces!

The album slides into a couple of easy-feeling tunes with Arkansas native, David Adam Byrnes performing Ice Cold Summer, which is followed by a song that makes you wish you were on a beach with Nothing To Do by Mandy McMillan. The first guest appearance on the album is made by Tony Winkler with a song for all the beer lovers, Beer Me.

Country music fans alike, will know this name by heart, Joe Diffie. It may almost be my favorite when he makes a refreshing appearance on the album with a new song Summertime All Year, that will definitely get you feeling in the summertime spirit! The following song, Firefly Curfew, is a sweet youthful song by Silverado Records recording artist, Ali Morgan, which is the aspiring young singer’s second debut single. Another new face to Silverado’s team is Tyler Jordan, who has his first single with the label featured on the album called Girl, obviously talking about your favorite girl, that is the perfect song to dance to with your special someone.

A familiar face you will see on this CD, has one of the album’s edgier and rockin’ songs by Halfway To Hazard, with Glad You’re Gone, that will have you singing along to the tune. The next featured song Soul Good, by Silverado Records recording artist Crystal Yates, is a great summertime love song that will easily become a crowd favorite.

The last three songs on the album, Summertime Thing by Tim Buono, Heat by Cody Parks and Good At Drinking Songs by Mandy McMillan are your typical fun songs about having a good time with a drink and having a little summertime romance.

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The album as a whole is a great solid piece, delivering to country music fans a wonderful collection of songs for your summer. From the many guest appearances, to the musicality and lyrics, plus a taste of fresh music from a country music legend. This album has just the right amount of everything you need for your summer playlist, and will leave you wanting your Summer On Repeat.

Be sure to check out Silverado Records on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media pages, and at their website,

What did you think of Silverado Records’ album, Summer On Repeat? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!


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