The CMBeat (short for “Country Music Beat”) is a country music website that features news, interviews, reviews, and other articles related to the world of Country music. With a focus on new artists and music, the site also provides information about venues, events, festivals, and industry news.

The CMBeat was founded and created by Emily Ann Wells, a young writer from Arkansas, who started the blog site to combine two of her favorite passions: “I have a passion for many things but my top two, are Country music and writing,” explains Wells, “so I thought… Hey! Why not put them together?” And so, The CMBeat was born.

Wells believes that Country is a musical style to which most people can easily relate. “I have loved country music all my life,” she says, “I listen to everything from, Patsy Cline to Carrie Underwood, Merle Haggard to Luke Bryan, and more.” Those who share this talented writer’s passion for the genre, will very quickly make The CMBeat their number one source to keep up on all things country.

Be sure to follow The CMBeat on social media:

If you would like to contact us, email thecmbeat@yahoo.com.

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