Country Artists Come Out For Dustin Herring’s EP Preview Show

A great night was had in Music City on September 4th, as fellow country music artists came out to join in on a songwriter showcase and offer their support for Dustin Herring’s EP Preview Show.

The show happened near The Grand Ole Opry, at Scoreboard’s Bar and Grill in Nashville, Tennessee. There was two full songwriters rounds with four artists per set for an hour each, followed by country singer, Allie Colleen, and with Dustin Herring closing out the night.

In the first songwriters round, it featured Caitlyn Ochsner, Jake Greene, Frankie Gene and Lee Tucker. They all played original songs, starting with Ochsner singing her song, Drunk Girl Tears. Greene also performed a new tune he had just written recently entitled, Livin’ The Dream. (If you want to hear the catchy song, you can watch the video below or by clicking HERE.)

The second round of songwriters included Hasting and Co, Priscilla Block, Taylor Austin Dye and Kimberly Atwood. Along with them they also played original songs of theirs such as Taylor Austin Dye performing a couple of her songs entitled, Salt On The Wound, Happy Breakup To You and Mean.

Before ending the show, the upcoming featured artist, Allie Colleen, who just so happens to be the daughter of a very well known singer in the country music industry, Garth Brooks, came out to perform a few songs with her band including her debut single now available entitled, Work In Progress. The main act of the evening, Dustin Herring did a terrific job ending out the show, performing a bunch of great songs including a duet with Allie Colleen.

Check out our small gallery of photos from the show!

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If you get a chance to see any of these songwriters in Nashville, definitely try to go see them! They are a wonderful group of talented artists you don’t want to miss out seeing live at a show! Thank you to everyone who performed at Dustin Herring’s EP Preview Show and for the great show!

Be sure to follow Dustin Herring on his social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at his website,

If you’d like to check out more about the Scoreboard Bar and Grill as well, learn more by checking out their website at,

If you would like to check out more of these upcoming songwriters, check them out on their social media!

Allie Colleen – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Caitlyn Ochsner – Facebook, Instagram
Jake Greene – Facebook, Instagram
Frankie Gene – Facebook, Instagram
Lee Tucker – Facebook, Instagram
Hasting and Co – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Priscilla Block – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Taylor Austin Dye – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Kimberly Atwood – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Have you heard of any of these artists before? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


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