2019 Arkansas Country Music Awards Recap

The 2nd inaugural Arkansas Country Music Awards recently took place in Maumelle, Arkansas, with artists from the natural state as well as people from the country music industry, came out to celebrate all the talent we have in our state.

A variety of upcoming singer songwriters attended the show such as Lance Curtis, Anna Brinker, Heath Sanders, Bree Ogden, Blane Howard and many others. Some bigger names at the event included Erin Enderlin, Lance Carpenter, Debby Campbell, Shawn Camp and more. The show was hosted by Beebe, Arkansas native, Charles Haymes and Miss Arkansas Claudia Raffo.

If you weren’t able to attend the award show, here is a quick recap of all the winners for the 2019 Arkansas Country Music Awards! Congratulations to all the winners!

*Entertainer Of The Year – Phil McGarrah & Runnin’ on Empty
*Americana Artist Of The Year – Bonnie Montgomery
*Bluegrass Artist Of The Year – Runaway Planet
*Country Artist Of The Year – Lance Carpenter
*Inspirational Artist Of The Year – Joanne Cash
*Female Vocalist Of The Year – Erin Enderlin
*Male Vocalist Of The Year – Blane Howard
*Acoustic Act Of The Year – Heath Sanders
*Vocal Group Of The Year – The Reeves Brothers
*Album Of The Year – “Unbroken” by Joanne Cash. produced by Chad Randall Crow
*Song Of The Year – “World Without Willie” written by Erin Endlerin, Alex Kline, Leslie Satcher and Tara Thompson. performed by Erin Enderlin
*Songwriter Of The Year – Erin Enderlin
*Producer Of The Year – Jon Raney
*Sound Engineer Of The Year – Bryce Roberts
*Promoter Of The Year – Keith Symanowitz
*Video Of The Year – “Back Home in Arkansas” by Joanne Cash. directed by Chad Randall Crow
*Radio Station Of The Year – KDXY “The Fox” Jonesboro
*Radio DJ Of The Year – Del Hughes, KWCK Searcy
*Publication Of The Year – AY Magazine (Little Rock)
*Venue Of The Year – Jimmy Doyle Country, Little Rock
*Young Artist Of The Year – Bree Ogden
*Bass Player Of The Year – Doug DeForest
*Drummer Of The Year – David O’Neal
*Fiddle Player Of The Year – Tim Crouch
*Guitar Player Of The Year – Steve Davison
*Steel/Dobro Player Of The Year – Garland Harris

Be sure to follow the Arkansas Country Music Awards on their social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at their website, www.arkansasmusic.org.

What do you think about the 2019 Arkansas Country Music Awards? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


2 thoughts on “2019 Arkansas Country Music Awards Recap

  1. Rita Sullivan says:

    We are the Ward Country Dance in Ward Arkansas. Leland and Rita Sullivan. We were so honored that 4 of the winners play at our venue. We were honored to be invited to attend the awards show. Did you hear us screaming??? We are at exit 25 on hey 167 in Ward. We have a live band every Saturday and Zyndall Wayne Raneythe father of Jon Raney is one of them, Garland Harris and Rick Campbell are there as well. Please visit us!!!!

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