Tiffany Woys Talks About Launch Of New Podcast, Which Shares A Spotlight On Songwriters

A rising country music artist, Tiffany Woys has just embarked on a exciting new project! The artist has just released her very own podcast which is focused on songwriters entitled, What’s Mine Is Yours

Recently, The CMBeat got to chat with Tiffany Woys about her new podcast, What’s Mine Is Yours and where the inspiration came from to start the new project, along with the fact of how important it is to focus a spotlight on songwriters. 

Emily Ann Wells: What made you want to start a podcast?
Tiffany Woys: Originally my idea wasn’t a podcast. It was a YouTube series. I had the idea about 4 years ago. I’ve always wanted to talk to the songwriters who have written the songs I have recorded. I wanted to know why they wrote them. I wanted to share why I chose to record them. Then I would see how our lives have overlapped and how much we may have in common. This idea I realized didn’t have much longevity. Also I would be the only person interested because they were my personal curiosities rather broader questions and topics. So the idea has evolved. I’ve always wanted to know more about the songwriting community. The heartbeat of Nashville. I want the world to know them too. I want the world to know their stories not just through songs. Songwriters have their opinions too on this industry and in my opinion they are far too often overlooked. I’m ready to give them the microphone for a change and let them share. 

Emily Ann Wells: What’s your favorite part of hearing a story on how a song came to be?
Tiffany Woys: Either how easy it came to them or how it came from something so deeply personal. Not all great songs have had to come from trauma however the ones that do. Those are the stories we want to hear right? Those are the ones that remind us we aren’t alone. Getting to hear how all of songwriters styles differ and their methods to writing a song have been so interesting. 

Emily Ann Wells: Why do you think specifically it’s important to put a spotlight on songwriters?
Tiffany Woys: Because no one actually does. I’ve spent years watching Instagram post after post saying how important it is that we help the songwriter but yet I rarely see action. Year by year I see them being stripped of everything. I see true songwriters being pushed out. Nashville, we need them. I not only want them to share where the songs started but I want them to be able to discuss hard topics in a safe place. I want them to know they are heard. Whatever they want to say, I’m in. Yes, I’m the host asking questions but my format is very open. This is about them. I’m ready to help make some changes that benefit the songwriter. 


Click the image to listen to Tiffany Woys’ What’s Mine Is Yours Podcast!

Emily Ann Wells: Who has been your favorite guest so far? Why?
Tiffany Woys: They have all been wonderful. I believe I have sat down with 10 guests so far. I don’t think I can give you a favorite. They have all brought so much and have worn their heart on their sleeve. Every guest has had impactful moments with me. 

Emily Ann Wells: What is your favorite part about songwriting?
Tiffany Woys: The storytelling. Saying something that is going to relate to so many. Getting someone through something or even to celebrate something. Music and lyrics are powerful healers. Writing a good song brings people together. 

Emily Ann Wells: Is there anything in particular people can look forward to hearing about on the podcast?
Tiffany Woys: Honesty. Getting insight into the music industry and getting the answers about songs and songwriters lives that may not be so easily “googled”. Eventually I’ll be looking to host monthly writers rounds with my guests and we can have some of these discussions for audiences as well as hear some music. 

This new podcast, What’s Mine Is Yours by Tiffany Woys is definitely a must listen! It is so incredibly important to showcase songwriters because without them, we wouldn’t have the wonderful music that helps us through the good and hard times! Woys is leading the way to change, to having the voices of songwriters heard and to them having more recognition. Looking forward to seeing more great things from Tiffany Woys and the What’s Mine Is Yours Podcast!

You can listen to Tiffany Woy’s new podcast, What’s Mine Is Yours by clicking the link HERE! Be sure to follow the What’s Mine Is Yours podcast on social media including on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! You can also follow Tiffany Woys on her personal social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at her website,

What do you think of Tiffany Woy’s new podcast, What’s Mine Is Yours? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


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