EXCLUSIVE: The Joy Reunion Talks About New Single, Let Her Run

A upcoming country music trio, The Joy Reunion just released a brand new single today entitled, Let Her Run! It’s been a exciting time in their lives as they were featured on the last season of NBC’s The Voice

The incredible trio includes three members, Robert Easley, Gentry Monreal and Neil Morrison. Recently, The CMBeat got to chat with the band exclusively to talk about their new single, Let Her Run!

7FE1BA22-45BF-4C52-BB29-B95C2AB0A4FDOne of the most memorable parts of country music is the stories you hear from the songs. When talking to The Joy Reunion about their new song, they mentioned that’s one of the reasons they love this particular song so much is because of the story it showcases. 

“We love a good story telling song. This song from the first line paints the picture of this heartbreaking love story.” as The Joy Reunion exclusively tells The CMBeat, “Lyrically, the line that gets us every time is ‘I’m praying she’s happy but hoping she’s not, and she’s running back home to me’. How you can love someone enough to let them go. That love must be a free choice. And that sometimes the letting go can be the greatest act of love. Musically, We really love the perfectly timed weepy guitar solo.”

All of the songs from the country music trio have a great message behind them including their new song, Let Her Run. The band said the vision for the song actually came from a quote they found. “The inspiration of this song came from a quote made famous by Richard Bach. ‘If you love something, let it go…. If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t, they never were’.” said the trio. 

This new song has actually been The Joy Reunion’s hidden gem for a while now, they’ve been waiting for the perfect time to officially release it. “Let Her Run, is one of those incredibly special songs that had been in our back pocket for a long time. In fact, this song was one of our first ballads.” as The Joy Reunion exclusively tells The CMBeat, “Rob brought this song to us back when we were recording our debut record. We instantly fell in love and dove right into arrangement and word-smithing.”

When the trio was recording their debut album, they really wanted to include the new song on the record but felt it was best to let the single have a moment by itself to truly highlight it. “We felt like the timing wasn’t right, it needed it’s own spotlight because of how special it was.” as The Joy Reunion exclusively tells The CMBeat, “We also wanted to record this song in a way that really captured the heart of the lyrics and the environment of this story. We wanted a perfect blend of traditional instruments with electronic sounds and rhythms. We’re deeply proud of how this came out!”


Click the image to download the single on iTunes

There’s certain songs in country music you will remember listening to and remember how it made you feel, this is one of those songs. The single, Let Her Run by The Joy Reunion is an amazing song! This song has so many great aspects to it, from the lyrics and harmonies to the production and everything in between. It’s a beautiful tune which will be very memorable to country music fans. 

Be sure to follow The Joy Reunion on their social media including on Facebook, Instagram and at their website, www.thejoyreunion.com

What do you think of The Joy Reunion’s new single, Let Her Run? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


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