Lance Curtis Talks About New Single, Keep On Looking

A upcoming country music artist, Lance Curtis recently released a brand new single entitled, Keep On Looking! Earlier this week, The CMBeat got to chat with the singer songwriter about the new song and how it came to be!

The Arkansas native is one of three co-writers on the new single and Curtis talked about how the idea for the song had come from a personal experience in his life. “I had booked a co-write with my friends, Corey Lee Barker and Rhonda Funk over in Nashville, and at the time I had recently just gotten out of a relationship with someone. So I walked in and was telling them a little bit about getting out of this relationship and Rhonda threw out the title of ‘Keep On Looking’.” said Curtis.

Once they had the song title, the songwriters all knew in what direction they could take the song. “We knew we had to write this, but we wanted to make it a fun breakup song.” said Curtis, “This song is about if you’re not into the small town country living or the southern values of life, then both parties of the relationship would be better off to keep looking to find what their looking for.”

Along with that, the singer songwriter mentioned one of his favorite things about his new single, Keep On Looking! “My favorite thing about this song is the catchy witty lyrics we threw out that is by no means grammatically correct, but they sounded cool for the song haha. For example, ‘I’m a blue collar guy not a nine to fiver, get the work done if it takes all nighter’.” said Curtis.

The artist has been performing the song for a while at his shows and you can tell he’s definitely excited about the tune officially being released! “This song has always been a crowd favorite out live and I’m just so glad the production of the song is now out for everyone to hear!” said Curtis, “I can’t thank my listeners and supporters enough for loving the music and inspiring me to continue to keep putting out songs that hopefully are relatable for everyone!”


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There’s no question, Keep On Looking by Lance Curtis is a great single! The tune is simple and to the point, which makes for a great country song! These lyrics ring true as if two people don’t share the same values, it’s best to go their separate ways. Every country music fan should definitely take a listen to Lance Curtis’ new single, Keep On Looking!

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