Mike Ryan Releases Latest Single, Jacket On

A country music artist, Mike Ryan has been steadily releasing great country music songs and there’s no exception when it comes to his latest single entitled, Jacket On.

The smooth country single talks about how a woman has decided to leave a relationship. This song was co-written by Ryan along with fellow songwriters, Brandy Clark and Brent Anderson

Along with that, the single was recorded in Nashville and it features CMA Musician Of The Year, Jenee Fleenor! The song has a perfection to it which is rare to see, from the vocals, to the instruments, the vibe and the production is flawless!


Click the image to download the single on iTunes

There’s no question this single, Jacket On by Mike Ryan is one of the best traditional country sounding songs there is! The singer songwriter has a remarkable way to stay true to the country vibe while keeping the music modern as well! All country music fans should definitely take a listen to Mike Ryan’s single, Jacket On!

Be sure to follow Mike Ryan on his social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at his website, www.mikeryanband.com

What do you think of Mike Ryan’s latest single, Jacket On? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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