Chase Martin Talks Record Deal, New Music & More!

A rising country music artist, Chase Martin is ready to show the country music scene what she’s got as she has just officially signed her first record deal in Nashville!

The singer songwriter recently got to chat with me about the exciting things happening in her career including about signing her record deal! Martin also chatted with me about her first single and the matching music video for it, plus what fans can expect from her in the rest of 2020!

Emily Ann Wells: How excited were you about signing your record deal and what was that like?
Chase Martin: You probably already know this without me saying it, but it was such an unbelievable feeling. I’m pretty sure that it still hasn’t hit me completely, even today. I signed on May 1st, in quarantine, with an e-sign using my computer. Lol. That was a little sad, because I would have loved to be with all of the people that worked so hard to make it happen. I mean, I’m pretty sure that signing in quarantine is one for the books and I’m sure I’m never forget it, but Ash Bowers and Brendan Rich (my amazing management) worked so hard on this. I really owe them all of the credit. But it didn’t really hit me until the day that I announced it to everyone. I sat down on my sofa that night when the dust settled a little (it was a pretty crazy day) and all of the sudden the waterworks started. I had no idea I was such a girl. Lol! It’s been pretty emotional. Everyday it hits me just a little bit more. I’m never going to take that feeling for granted. I feel like I’m the luckiest person on Earth.

EAW: You have a great new single, Levi Denim! It was co-written by Abby Anderson, Matt Stell and Alison Veltz-Cruz. What made you want to record it?
CM: I knew the second I heard Levi Denim that I had to record it. I mean, it’s such a fun, sassy, girl empowering song. I just love it so much. I think every girl should feel that sassy and empowered in whatever they wear… but especially when they wear denim.

Click the image to download the single on iTunes

EAW: The music video for Levi Denim has a great vibe! Is there any fun stories you can share from filming the video?
CM: Ha! Funny story actually. We recorded the original music video for Levi Denim back in June, but the week prior to release, I got a call from my management saying that we were going to re-shoot the entire video with Savannah Chrisley on the Wednesday before the Friday morning it was supposed to be released – yes, pretty much a one day turn-around on that sucker. Our poor director! LOL. But I’d say it was so worth it and I am so proud of the turnout.

EAW: What can fans expect from you for the rest of 2020?
CM: Oh wow! I hope a lot! You can expect to see a WHOLE LOTTA Chasey Boo. I’m shooting for as many people to know my face by the end of the year as possible! I know that there’s a Virtual Tour in place where I will be doing a lot of Instagram and Facebook takeovers – so stoked about that. I hate that I can’t get out on the road and meet everyone this year, but I think this will be the next best thing (fingers crossed for next year?!). Of course, lots of writing going on and recording new music, so 2021 should start off with a bang! I’m not sure if anybody really knows what we can for sure expect for the rest of 2020, ha!, but I’m sure ready for whatever it throws my way.

There’s no question, Chase Martin is a great artist! She’s guaranteed good things ahead with her edgy new single, Levi Denim and with the matching music video giving off a interesting cool vibe! This is just the beginning for Chase Martin’s journey in country music!

Be sure to follow Chase Martin on her social media including on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What do you think of Chase Martin and her exciting news?! I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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