Home Free Releases Dive Bar Saints

There’s a quickly rising country music band, Home Free who is dominating the country music scene with several things including their brand new album, Dive Bar Saints.

In case you haven’t heard of Home Free before, they are a capella country group who won Season 4 of NBC’s The Sing-Off and has been rising in the music scene ever since. Home Free is made up of five members, Austin Brown, Tim Foust, Rob Lundquist, Adam Chance and one of the founding members, Adam Rupp.

The thing that makes this group so unique, is every performance they do is completely done a capella, meaning they make all the music with their voices. They just released their sixth album, Dive Bar Saints on September 6th.

Home Free always steps up to the plate when it comes to their albums and they did just that with Dive Bar Saints. For one of those reasons being is they have 10 brand new original songs on this project with only two cover songs, meaning this is the most original music they have ever released at one time.

The two cover songs that Home Free did decide to record for this new album includes an absolute chilling version of Vince Gill’s song, Go Rest High On That Mountain, along with a incredible cover of John Denver’s song, Take Me Home, Country Roads.

When listening to all the songs on this album, you can tell each one is special in its own way. A couple tunes that could easily be stand out songs on the project would be Remember This, Cross That Bridge and Dreamer. There’s no doubt that Home Free is definitely creative with their music, from the lyrics to the vocals and to the instrumental parts of the songs as well.

Click the image to download the album on iTunes

This new album, Dive Bar Saints by Home Free could quite possibly be the best album they have released yet. The way the band can combine all their voices together in such a wonderful way is absolutely beautiful and truly a rare gifted talent. Everyone will be sure to enjoy Home Free’s new album, Dive Bar Saints.

Be sure to follow Home Free on their social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at their website, www.homefreemusic.com.

What do you think of Home Free’s new album, Dive Bar Saints? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


7 thoughts on “Home Free Releases Dive Bar Saints

  1. Linda Mooney says:

    They are “THE BEST”. Saw them in concert in Michigan. I will see them again in Troy, Ohio. Their concerts are truly an amazing experience. Old stage singer myself. I have never seen or heard anything like them. I have never heard anything but praise and amazement at their concerts. The new album is fantastic!

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  2. Elaine Johnson says:

    Love, love, love this group! Have been hooked since the Sing Off….
    They have the most beautiful harmonies, and the beat boxer is just unbelievable with what he can do with his voice! They are on tour now…and seeing them live is the most entertainment you’ll see on a stage! Talent, personality, and just fun!!

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  3. Linda Andrews says:

    Absolutely love this band!! In November I will be going to my 9th and 10th concert and they always seem to be better than before. Right now my favorite song from the DBS album is Lonely Girl’s World. Their harmonies give me chills and the Bass vibrates in my body.

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  4. Andrea Petersen says:

    I love the guys from HomeFree. I’ve been following them since the SingOff. I’ve seen them 5 times and will see them again in May in Duluth, MN. This album is one of their best ones out.

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