Upcoming Singer Talks Which Country Artist Influences Her

One of the most cherished country music singers of all time is undoubtedly the king of country music, George Strait.

The king is known for just being himself, a true respectable country man that has put out so many unbelievably great and memorable songs that will last a lifetime.

A upcoming country music artist that like Strait is originally a Texas native as well, LJ recently chatted with The CMBeat about George Strait and about how much he influences her music along with how he is definitely someone she looks up to in the country music industry.

“I admire George Strait.” LJ exclusively tells The CMBeat. “He has a style to what he does that cannot be imitated and he represents country music throughout my childhood.”

One of the things that is so unique and so valuable that only some artists have such as George Strait, is they have a incredible fan base that keep up with them through the years. The king of country is definitely no exception to that as well, as fans still travel well and far just to see Strait live in concert when he announces a new show date.

LJ talked about these two things in particular as well about the talented country artist. “He also has an amazing fan base that sticks by his side and he continues to put on a great live performance.”

There is absolutely no question that if you’re in the country music industry, the music industry, or just a country music fan, that you definitely look up to the king of country music in some way. George Strait has accomplished a lot in his music career and is still very loved by his fans, which is why it’s hard not to just be in awe of all the amazing things he has done. Thank you to LJ for chatting with me about George Strait!

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What do you think about George Strait? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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