EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Behind The Song “Why” with Chance McKinney

Today, The CMBeat is thrilled to share with y’all a EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE video, from Chance McKinney as he talks about a song from his current EP, iSQUARED!

In this behind-the-song video from McKinney, he explains how the featured song, Why, is a popular song in the artist’s catalog that also gets requested at shows regularly, but he didn’t realize how well it would resonate with the fans.

“We originally released WHY on the #DownToGetUp project in 2016. It turned out to have such a huge cult following at shows that we decided to re-visit it for #iSquared in 2018 and give it it’s due attention.” says McKinney. “I had no idea when I wrote it that such a song would resonate with both men and women. It’s betrayal on the highest of levels.”

There were many songs that McKinney was picking through to potentially record for his latest project iSQUARED, but he says in the video that there was just something about this certain song that it kept coming back around.

“We went back for deciding on which songs was going to be on iSQUARED and this song made it into the Top 4 out of 150 or 200 songs.” He carries on by saying, “I am surprised that it continues to rise to the top, and surprised that it has separated itself from a lot of the other stuff I have written in the past.”

In the end, McKinney is definitely glad that Why made the cut on his new record. “This may just be the song I’m most proud I’ve written. I have favorites, but as far as “pride in your work” type of songs… this has gotta be top 5 all-time for me.”

This behind-the-song video from Chance McKinney talking about his single Why, is certainly a great way to give fans more insight about the song and as its coming from the artist’s point of view.

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What do you think of Chance McKinney’s Behind-The-Song video of, Why? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Behind The Song “Why” with Chance McKinney

  1. Tammy Torrence says:

    Thanks for sharing this article and music regarding what I believe to be one of his TOP 5 songs, for me it’s number 1. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. THANKS CHANCE!

    Liked by 1 person

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