Conway Twitty’s Grandson, Tre Twitty Talks About Official Conway Twitty Day

If you’re a country music fan, then you probably know about a certain country music legend hailing from Mississippi, the one and only, Conway Twitty.

The singer was originally born Harold Lloyd Jenkins on September 1st, 1933, in Friars Point, Mississippi, but when he was a young boy, his family relocated to Helena-West Helena, Arkansas. Now, the Mayor of Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, Jay Hollowell, Phillips County Judge Clark Hall, and the governor, Asa Hutchinson, for the state of Arkansas, is doing something special to remember the icon. They will be proclaiming June 5th, the actual anniversary date of the late artist’s death, officially as Conway Twitty Day.

In honor of the special occasion, I recently talked with Conway Twitty’s grandson, Tre Twitty, to talk about the upcoming day and to learn more the festivities that will be taking in place of a celebration for it.

When talking to Tre Twitty about the county, city and state, proclaiming June 5th as Conway Twitty Day, he certainly seemed excited about it, and thought this moment was a long time coming. “I think it’s a long overdue honor for poppy.” says Twitty. “I’m so proud and happy for him and our family that this special day will be taking place in his hometown.”

There will be a small event held in Conway Twitty’s hometown, in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, that’s going to be in the Court Square Park. The public can attend the festivities with free admission, that will include food, a presentation of a key to the city, proclamations by representatives from the city of Helena-West Helena and the state of Arkansas. Tre Twitty also talked about some of the things that will be happening at the event. “I know they are doing a mural of him and placing a marker down.” continues Twitty. “Some dignitaries will be speaking, and our family will be selling merchandise there. There will several bands playing in some local venues as well.”

In town, two local restaurants, Southbound Tavern and Handworks, will be doing special things to honor the festivities taking place. Southbound Tavern will feature live music from the Nashville based band, Willie and The Planks, along with serving half-price drinks and appetizers from 5:30pm to 7:00pm to those who present a program from the event. Handworks will be selling official Conway Twitty merchandise as well, and will be open late to attendees that would like to purchase merchandise after the festivities.

Courtesy of Delta Cultural Center

Since this event is the first of its kind, when asking Tre Twitty if this could become an annual thing every year, he wasn’t sure if it would be, but would like to see that happen if it did! “I don’t know if it will be an annual event. I hope so!” says Twitty.

The event will be held, Friday, June 1st, starting at 4:30pm. Again, admission is free and everything will be open to the public. If you’d like to learn more, click this article HERE, from the Helena-Arkansas paper, or click HERE to read an article about it from the Phillips County Chamber Of Commerce. Special thank you to Tre Twitty for taking the time out to talk about this special occasion!

What do you think about the first Conway Twitty Day? Do you think it should become an annual event? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


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