EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Behind-The-Song Video with Chance McKinney

The CMBeat is thrilled to have the EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of a Behind-The-Song video from Chance McKinney! It features footage of the artist talking about one of his new songs, Everybody Wants You, off of his latest EP, entitled, I

McKinney reveals in the video why the particular song caught his eye and what he likes about it. “So Everybody Wants You, I still remember this being by far the coolest pitch that we got, cause I’m most attracted to a song with a twist.” says McKinney. “Where you think it’s heading and where it actually lands are two different places, so I love that about the song.”

The artist also talks about when he first heard the song, he could easily tell that it was going to be very relatable. “I can see every single guy as I was listening to it, knowing the feeling of the song, and every single girl that listens to it, wanting to be that girl.” says McKinney.

Lastly, the singer told what truly sealed the deal for him on why he needed to record and put Everybody Wants You on his new EP. “So what nailed it down for me is I heard my team, actually singing and humming that song days after the pitch, after only hearing it once or twice. So at that point you get a little stuck song syndrome going in your head and you know that’s got to be on the project.”

It is great to hear about an artist’s insight view of their songs, and this couldn’t be better for it. Chance McKinney perfectly described his new song, Everybody Wants You!

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What do you think of Chance McKinney’s Behind-The-Song video of, Everybody Wants You? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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