3 Young Country Music Artists On The Rise

These days there is a lot of wonderful upcoming country singers, but there are also a lot of talented young artists as well, trying to make their start early in the music industry.

Since they’re is so many to name, and so little time in a day, that’s why I’m writing a special piece to feature three new awesome country music artists on the rise that you should keep your eye on this summer!

Mason Ramsey 
The first new country singer I’m going to name, is the youngest one, and he just recently got his stardom to fame, less than a month ago. Mason Ramsey, a 11-year-old boy, became almost an over night sensation, by yodeling and singing Lovesick Blues, a Hank Williams tune, in Illinois, at no other place than in a Walmart.

A video of Ramsey performing in the renowned grocery store went viral, earning him an appearance on the Ellen show, playing to 100,000 fans with Florida Georgia Line at Stagecoach, a show at the recent iHeart Country Festival (to air later this year), AND his debut performance at the famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Along with all those honors, he signed a record deal with Atlantic Records and Nashville-based, Big Loud. Ramsey just released his very first single, a sweet country love song, entitled, Famous. The song was written by Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard, alongside Corey Crowder, Sarah Buxton, and Canaan Smith.

Be sure to follow Mason Ramsey on his social media including on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at his website, www.masonramseyofficial.com.

This inspiring artist has lots of accomplishments under her belt, even for her young age. Queeva, a 14 year old, Irish/American singer songwriter, figured out what she wanted to do early in life, and has worked hard to pursue her dream. She remembers fondly of listening to Dolly Parton’s classic songs when she was younger, with one of her favorites being, Coat Of Many Colors. The artist has had great opportunities including being mentored by and wrote with a well known singer, songwriter, and producer based out of Nashville, Jamie O’Neal.

Queeva is truly a triple-threat, since getting her feet wet by dabbling into acting as well, landing her a supporting role on the NBC show, Chicago Fire. Lastly, the singer has showcased her tremendous songwriting abilities in her newest single she just released recently, called, Live Like A Song.

Be sure to follow Queeva on her social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at her website, www.queevamusic.com.

Tegan Marie
This country music artist has been paving her way and pushing the boundaries as she goes. Tegan Marie, a 14-year-old hailing from Michigan, is a YouTube phenomenon turned into a singer songwriter. The artist has already been noted to be seen hanging out in the country music scene, such as with country music stars like, Craig Campbell, and making appearances at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Tegan Marie has been pushing the envelope since being discovered as one of the most youngest country music artists to sign to a record label! The singer just released a great single that will soon to become everyone’s summer anthem, Keep It Lit!

Be sure to follow Tegan Marie on her social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at her website, www.teganmarie.com.

All three of these artists, Mason Ramsey, Queeva, and Tegan Marie have so much great potential. It will be interesting to see where the journey takes them in their careers in the future! Be sure to keep your eye out for these rising young artists!

What do you think of these three featured artists? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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