Jacob Davis – What I Wanna Be

A new upcoming country artist from Nashville, Tennessee, Jacob Davis, is making a splash in the country music industry with not only his sense of style, and community of fans, aka the Jacob Davis Squad, but also with his latest single climbing the charts, What I Wanna Be.

The smooth and edgy song definitely has a mix of blues/soul meets country vibe, making it not your typical country love song. Since the single is very creative, musically and lyrically, it makes the song have a refreshing feel to it, also making it Davis‘ debut single.

Listen to Jacob Davis’ current single I Don’t Wanna Be, in the official music video below!

Be sure to check out Jacob Davis on all of his social media including his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at his website, jacobdavismusic.com.

What do you think of Jacob Davis and his new single, I Don’t Wanna Be? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment below or on social media!

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