Exclusive Interview with Levi Hummon 

Levi Hummon, a new upcoming country artist from Nashville, Tennessee, is a promising singer making his way through the country music industry showcasing not only his songwriting skills, but also his singing skills with his current smash single, Don’t Waste The Night.

The singer/songwriter recently had the time to chat with me to talk about his roots in country music, along with working in the industry with some heavy shoes to follow, CMA Fest, how he is appreciative to his fans, and a couple of musical influences that might be surprising!

Emily Ann Wells: What made you stop and think one day, singing and songwriting is what I should be doing? Has other music influenced you & which artist has influenced you the most?
Levi Hummon: Well I’ve always written songs and played guitar on and off my whole life. That being said, my sophomore year of college I went through a break up that really had a huge impact on me. I felt really inspired during that period of time and wrote everyday sometimes two times a day like a mad man. Even though my dad’s a songwriter it took me almost 20 years to catch the music bug. When it hit, it hit hard. I’m inspired by so much music and so many artists. Every record I listen to seems to deliver a new group of songs from me when I write. I’m obsessed with Jeff Buckley, but also love a lot of Keith Urban music and Ed Sheeran.

EAW: You’ve gotten to work with a lot of big known songwriters such as Shane McAnally, the late-great Andrew Dorff, Steven Tyler, along with many others. What was it like getting to work with all the songwriters you’ve worked with? And what was it like having a #1 song, Red White and You, in Italy with Steven Tyler?
LH: It was so cool when I found out my song with Steven Tyler went number one in Italy! It was amazing to work with a legend and be a part of that record. My publisher said always be the worst writer in the room if you are going to write the best songs, so I’ve tried to do that. It’s very easy in Nashville, there’s so much talent, I’m just blessed to be able to step into a room with these creative minds and create.

EAW: You’ve had a partnership with Ram Trucks from 2016 and going into this year. What is it like getting to work with them since they are a widely known brand?
LH: It’s been amazing. The Ram people are like family and it’s been fun partnering up with them on a song of mine called “Guts And Glory”. The song itself is just kind of a personal reflection on America and they heard it and ran with it.

You can listen to Levi Hummon’s song, Guts and Glory in the video below!

EAW: Is there a song you have written that means something special to you? If so, what song is it and why?
LH: I wrote a song called Make It Love, it’s really special because it was the first song that really helped me find my voice as an artist. It speaks about taking all the wrong and the hate and turning it into love.

EAW: What has been your most memorable memory since starting your career?
LH: There’s been a bunch, but stepping on stage at The Ryman here in Nashville was pretty epic. I got to bring my dad on stage to sing his song, Bless The Broken Road, when I opened for Dwight Yoakam.

EAW: The massive Country Music Festival known, CMA Music Festival for 2017 just wrapped up not long ago and you had a lot of activities during the event. What was your favorite part about the festival?
LH: I love the festival because it’s in my hometown of Nashville, TN. It’s fun to watch the city fill up with country fans and be apart of the mayhem. I always love catching up with all my fans I meet on the road.

EAW: Some of your fans may not know, but your father, Marcus Hummon, also has a strong background in country music for writing several hits for a variety of artists including for Rascal Flatts, Wynonna Judd, Tim McGraw and more. How has your father and his songwriting influenced and inspired you?
LH: He’s always taught me to be honest and own my unique voice. He built a career writing songs that was honest and real. I hope to do the same.

EAW: Your current single, Don’t Waste The Night, is climbing the charts. What would you like to accomplish in your career in the rest of 2017?
LH: I would love for Don’t Waste The Night to keep doing well! It’s been fun to watch. I’m also really excited about being out on the road and touring. We have a lot of fun things in the works and it’s going to be a wild ride!

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Even though, Levi Hummon is just starting his career and may have some obstacles along the way, I see with everything he’s got, that this singer/songwriter definitely has what it takes to make it to the top. He has the skills, the voice, and the genuine appreciation of his fans and for people following him along in his musical journey. There is no doubt that we will see lots more from this talented artist. I look forward to seeing what’s to come for him in the future! It was a great pleasure of mine to get to know Levi Hummon more about his music, his songwriting skills and his life!

Be sure to check out Levi Hummon online on his social media including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at his website, levihummon.com.

What did you think of my interview with Levi Hummon? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment below or on social media!


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