Exclusive Interview with Spencer Crandall

A very fast rising country music artist, Spencer Crandall, hailing from Denver, Colorado, is making his way through the country music industry, with not only his voice and style but also with help from social media.

The singer/songwriter recently found time to chat with me about his music, being a singer/songwriter, why he thinks social media has played a key part in his career, and his current single!

Emily Ann Wells: What kind of music do you remember hearing growing up?
Spencer Crandall: I grew up listening to about every genre under the sun. My Dad was a fanatical country music fan, so he introduced me to Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban. My mom was a huge Michael Bublé and John Mayer fan. My brother was into Hip-Hop, EDM and Alternative/punk music. Let’s just say I was a musical mutt who loved it all!

EAW: You’ve only been doing music for a couple years. What is something you’ve done so far that you’re most proud of?
SC: I got to open up for Chris Lane back in Denver last October. That experience was so special because not only was it my first big opening slot, but it was back home in front of my friends and family. I felt so supported and loved and it is such a special memory to me.

EAW: You have gotten a lot of followers in a short amount of time. Do you have a favorite social media platform you like to use? What do you think the key is to getting so many followers so quickly?
SC: I’m so blessed to have the following that I do and I wouldn’t be anywhere without social media. My favorite platforms are Instagram and Twitter. I like Instagram because I feel like I can post the best content and I like Twitter because I feel like it is the best place to genuinely connect with fans and have an open dialogue. I think the key to gaining followers is creating content that is unique and interesting and then engaging and interacting with the people that engage and interact with you.

EAW: Since you’re a singer/songwriter, is there one way you lean more towards? Would you consider yourself more of a singer or songwriter if you had to choose one?
SC: I have always thought of myself as equal parts singer and songwriter. I love to sit down, be creative and write the music, but I was also born to entertain and to deliver music on stage. I love both parts so much for such different reasons, but they both make me feel alive when I’m doing them.

EAW: You just released a new song a couple months ago during CMA Fest, I Thought We Broke Up. How has it been seeing the reaction to the song from your fans? What was your favorite part about making the single?
SC: The reaction has been amazing! Fans have been loving it and it has helped open some doors for us already! My favorite part about making this song was making it with my friends! I wrote it with my buddies Sammy Ariaga and Scott Porter and produced it with my other friends Ethan Brewington and Josh Barker. We all have so much fun creating our art and they made this experience so fun!

Click the image to download on iTunes

EAW: These days you can find a singer/songwriter around every corner. What would you say that makes you stand out beside the rest?
SC: I think my personality and ability to connect with others makes me stand out. I love connecting and engaging with fans and it has been my greatest asset so far. I also believe that vocally and stylistically, I am doing something in country music that nobody else has tackled yet!

EAW: We are officially half way through summer 2017. Is there anything you’re looking forward to the most for the rest of this year?
SC: I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my friends and family, making more music and releasing it this fall and playing some more shows.

If you are in the music industry, on the business or music side, you will easily learn that not only is the music a huge part of it, but also that social media can help take you farther, and I believe that’s an advantage Spencer Crandall has. Seeing the passion that this singer/songwriter has for his music, and for his dedicated fans, will leave him with a long promising career in country music.

Be sure to check out Spencer Crandall on all his social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at his website, spencercrandallmusic.com.

Did you enjoy my interview with Spencer Crandall? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


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