New Label Launches Part 2 Of Signature Songwriter Series with Texas Singer, Crystal Yates

Earlier this year, a newly founded label in Nashville, Silverado Records, launched the first volume in an ongoing collection of recordings they are calling the Silverado Signature Songwriter Series. The goal of the series is to showcase the songwriting talent of the artists on their roster.

Volume I featured country newcomer, Zack Dyer (check out our review HERE), and each release will highlight a different singer/songwriter. Today, Silverado Records drops the 2nd volume of the series with Texas, country Singer/Songwriter, Crystal Yates

As far as being in the music industry, this isn’t Yates’ first rodeo. She has already released three albums on her own, prior to being signed to Silverado Records. She has also had her songs cut by other artists, including a tune entitled I Got Saved, which was recently recorded by Selah and is currently holding the #10 spot on Billboard!

The EP includes five songs, the first of which happens to be my favorite track on the album: Wearing White. A good ol’ fashioned, rockin’ country tune, that shows off Yates’ edgier side, with just the right touch of sass.

The 2nd track is one of the songs I recently heard live at Yates’ CD Release Party at The Country in Nashville: Raining In Amarillo. It’s infectious hook immediately made it a crowd favorite, and Yates’ powerful, heart-wrenching performance on this song about lost love will shake you to your core.

Check out a preview of Raining in Amarillo below:

The remaining three songs on the EP, Turning Me On, Fall In Love Again, and As Long As I’m Behaving, take you through a creative journey, showing off Yates’ diverse collection of musical influences, from pop, classic-rock, and traditional, Texas-style country.

Click the image to download on iTunes.

The 2nd volume of Silverado Records’ Signature Songwriter Series is a finely crafted showcase for its featured artist, Crystal Yates. Each song on this EP will resonate in a different way with a listener, collectively resulting in an experience that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. I think with Crystal’s background in music already, and these phenomenal songwriting skills, she will have a long exciting journey in the music industry.

Be sure to follow Crystal Yates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at her website, Also check her out at her upcoming show again at The Country in Nashville, June 1st!

As always, let us know what you think of Silverado Records, the Signature Songwriter Series, and Crystal Yates in the comments below or on social media!

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