Exclusive Interview: Bobby Tomberlin

Bobby Tomberlin, a Grammy®, CMA, & ACM nominated songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee, who has enjoyed a 20+ year tenure as a staff writer at Curb Records, recently released his new album Out Of Road. At a recent CD-Release party, held at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Downtown Nashville, I got to chat with Tomberlin about the new project, and a few other surprises he has for his fans in 2017.

“It’s been quite a different adventure” says Tomberlin, talking about the release of his new album, “I’ve been in the studio now for years, recording demos to pitch to other people, so I was comfortable in the studio. But for this project, it was cool going in and thinking about what works for me, musically, instead of what might work for other artists.”

Tomberlin also talked about how he enjoyed having special guests on the project as well: “What was really a blast for me, was having guests like, Mo Pitney come in and sing harmony, or having guest vocals by Bobby Bare, Vince Gill, Sylvia, Bill Anderson and people like that. That was one of the coolest things for me.”


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I asked Tomberlin if he has a favorite song on the album. It was difficult for him to choose just one, mentioning songs like One More Day, which he co-wrote with Stephen L. Jones and was recorded by Diamond Rio. “It was a big hit for them, so it was really cool getting to record that song. That holds a special place in my heart.” Another song on the album for which Tomberlin seems particularly proud is The Songwriter. “That was written with Bobby Bare and a guy by the name of Terry Faust, who takes care of Hank Williams’ grave for Hank Jr. and the family. There’s a very cool story behind that song and that one’s special.”


Emily Ann Wells and Bobby Tomberlin

But, the song that Tomberlin keeps coming back to as his potential favorite is a tune called Grand Ole Opry, on which he collaborated with the legendary Bill Anderson and Vince Gill. “I was in radio when I was 11 years old down in my hometown of Luverne, Alabama, and I interviewed Bill Anderson back then. After I moved to Nashville, I was his sound engineer for almost four years, so it felt really full circle to have him come in and contribute a part on the Grand Ole Opry song.” Tomberlin goes on to speak about Vince Gill, “My gosh… I remember when his first single came out – I was still in radio, and just immediately loved his voice and his records. I just had to have him on the song – he and bill both, they just so represent what the Grand Ole Opry is all about, so it was an honor having both of those guys on that song.”

Besides working hard on Out of Road, Tomberlin has also been busy on another big project – Back in early December, it was announced that a new country music movie titled, Wheeler, would be released in February 2017. The film, about a good ol’ country boy coming to Nashville to pursue music, stars Stephen Dorff in the title role. Several country music giants portray themselves in the movie, including the iconic Kris Kristofferson, and Tomberlin himself.

Watch the official trailer for Wheeler here:

“Stephen Dorff did such an amazing job,” Tomberlin says of the film’s leading man, “he’s been in over fifty films, co-starring with actors like Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. I think this movie may be his finest work.” And when I asked him what it was like to work with Kris Kristofferson, Tomberlin said, “What an honor! I mean, we were so happy to have him be a part of it, and he just totally took the film to another level.”

In addition to acting in the movie, Tomberlin is also executive producer and has several songs featured on the the film’s soundtrack as well. “They’ve already released a single on iTunes and Spotify called Pour Me Out Of This Town,” explains Tomberlin, “that I wrote along with Stephen Dorff and his brother Andrew Dorff, who wrote Neon Light for Blake Shelton. I also co-wrote a couple of other songs on the soundtrack too.”

Check out Pour Me Out Of This Town here:

At the time of this interview it was a couple weeks before Christmas… I asked Tomberlin if there was anything on his Christmas list this year: “You know, this is such a trite reply, and I hear people say this all the time, but I just really wish for peace. There are so many people hurting in the world. I’m already so blessed, getting to do what I love to do, sing songs, write songs, and work with some of the most incredible people, and have some of the most loyal wonderful friends… It’s Christmas all year.”

We asked Tomberlin if there’s anything else he’d like our readers to know. “You know, just appreciate any support, appreciate you checking out this project, “Out of Road,” and you know look me up, bobbytomberlinmusic.com, and also you know I’m on Facebook like everyone else, and I actually do, I keep in touch, with all the people, email me I love hearing you know your comments, so just really appreciate you, and I appreciate you too!”

Be sure to check out Bobby Tomberlin online at his web site, www.bobbytomberlinmusic.com and on his Facebook Page.

Are you a Bobby Tomberlin fan? Have you already checked out Out Of Road? We’d love to hear your thoughts… so leave us a comment below or on social media!

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