Exclusive Interview with Cory Jackson

Cory Jackson, an up and coming singer/songwriter hailing from Jonesboro, Arkansas recently spoke with Editor/Writer, Emily Ann Wells of The CMBeat to talk about his current single, Forgiving Him, his music, and one of his latest accomplishments!

Emily Ann Wells: You recently just released your new song, Forgiving Him. What has the reaction to the song been like?
Cory Jackson: This song has been doing really well. On Spotify, it has been staying over 80% popularity ever since we released it. So I’m very thankful Phillip Moore and Ray Scott let me put this song on my album.

EAW: Earlier this year you released your second EP, Let’s Get It Right. What was it like making that album and do any of the songs have special meaning to you?
CJ: My producers Randy Loyd and Kevin King, with Lazy Dawg Music Group, and I had a great time making this album. It was so much fun not only seeing my own songs come together, but seeing the songs we chose from Nashville song writers such as Mark Allen Springer and Phillip Moore come to life as well. There was a lot of late nights recording – many times we sat down contemplating what to do here and there in a song, and made lots of cuts. The song that has the most meaning for me on the album is Take My Breath Away. I wrote that song about a girl who is very special to me and who is constantly blowing me away and making me feel very special. Overall, I am very proud of this EP and excited it is finally out for you all to hear.

On your website you started doing “Flashback Fridays”, covering different older country tunes. What inspired you to start doing them?
CJ: This was actually something my fans along with my producers encouraged me to do. I am constantly trying to think of ways to stay connected with my fans, one-on-one, and this was another way I felt I could do just that. I also love it because it is familiarizing me with older country tunes, and there’s nothing better than the classics.

EAW: Your latest big news that has everyone thrilled is that you just won the Bates Ford Talent Search through 650 WSM Radio, and will get to perform for The Oak Ridge Boys at the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon, Tennessee this August. How excited are you for that and what did it feel like winning the competition?
CJ: Winning the Bates Ford Talent Search through WSM 650AM Radio and getting to open for the Oak Ridge Boys is a dream come true. It was such an honor just to be in the competition with all of the other amazing and talented artists, and to be the winner was definitely a shock. Winning the competition put me on cloud nine. Now I am beyond excited about getting the crowd pumped and excited for the Oak Ridge Boys.

PhotoSlide_03EAW: What made you want to start singing and make it your career?
CJ: I use to dream about playing in front of hundreds of people when I rode the bus home from school listening to music. However, it was not till my eleventh grade year when my grandpa encouraged me to pick up the guitar did I fall in love with music. I began to just sit in my room after school playing and writing. During my sophomore year of college, I realized I could possibly make this a career. I met with Randy Loyd and Kevin King with Lazy Dawg Music Group and they loved my music. I ended up signing with them and ever since then things have continued growing dramatically over the next two years. I have been so blessed and I know God has had a big hand in all that has happened over these past two years.

EAW: What do you think makes you different or unique as an artist?
CJ: I just try to be myself and create music that’s honest to me. I want my fans to know who I really am and to feel connected with me. To me, it’s all about my fans, and I want them to be a part of my life. I love to be on stage and sing songs that connect to my fans. I just strive to be myself, and hopefully that’s enough to make me unique or different from other artists.

This talented young artist has a great future ahead of him! Make sure to go check out Cory Jackson at the Wilson County Fair in Lebanon, Tennessee, performing for The Oak Ridge Boys on August 23rd! For more details, click here.

Also check out Cory’s music, and be sure to follow him on all his social media pages, and at his website: www.coryjacksonmusic.com.

What did you think of our interview with Cory Jackson? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!


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