“New Single Fridays” from Charles Esten

This is the day that all you Charles Esten fans have been waiting for!

The country music singer/songwriter, known for playing the role of Deacon Claybourne on the hit show, Nashville, is now releasing his own music to fans.

Esten recently a13686545_902791349832891_7337648673885295068_nnnounced on Facebook Live, where he and his dog Blue like to make all their major announcements, that starting today, July 15, he will release a new song every Friday. Today’s song being, Through The Blue.

Esten says in the video, “For a long time now I’ve been making music here in Nashville, writing it with some great people and recording it with some friends, going on the road and playing it with them, and you’ve guys heard a lot of that music, what I haven’t done is release a lot of that music.” Esten continues, “People have been very kindly asking me for a while now, are you going to put out an album?, are you going to put out a EP?, and I always said Yea that’s what I’m going to do.”

But, Esten has found a better, more direct way to get his music out to fans. He continues, ” I’m not going to put out an album right now or in the near future, or an EP. Here’s what I’m going to do….On Friday the 15th I got a single out, it’s called Through The Blue, I’m very excited about it and proud of it and I hope you like it!”

“Here’s what’s going to happen – every Friday after today,” says Esten, “What’s going to happen is the Friday after that I’m going to put out another single, and the Friday after that I’m going to put out another single, and…you get it. Every Single Friday.”

How long will Esten be putting out new music? He answered that question as well! Esten explains, “I’m going to put out a single for as long as it makes sense, I’m going to do it, I’ve got a whole lot of music that I’ve already recorded and I’ve waited too long to put any of it out. I’m going to put all of it out until it’s stupid.”

Esten is just as excitied as his fans about releasing all this new music! “I want you to hear these songs and tell me what you think, I hope you like them. I’ve had a whole lot of fun writing them and playing them and I’m about to share them.”

Before ending the broadcast, Esten also talked about other exciting things coming up soon: “So there will be more news about this and more details, I got a new website coming up and have an email list and a whole lot of things like that. But for now, I just wanted to share… for a guy that hasn’t put out any music, now I’m going to put out too much. Hope you like it!”

Watch Esten’s announcement video here:


Make sure to follow Charles Esten on all his social media and his new website coming soon!

Did you hear the new single by Charles Esten? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!


2 thoughts on ““New Single Fridays” from Charles Esten

  1. Nancy says:

    It is absolutely amazing. The studio cut songs are so clean and clear. Can’t wait for #EverySingleFriday until as Chip puts it “it’s stupid”. Which I hope is never

    Liked by 1 person

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