Morgan Wallen Headlines Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on The Dangerous Tour

One of the most anticipated nights for country music took place on March 16th, as country superstar, Morgan Wallen performed one of three sold out shows headlining at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee on The Dangerous Tour!

This was the first time Morgan Wallen was headlining the arena in Nashville so it was a very big night for the Tennessee native! The concert featured his tour mates, Larry Fleet and HARDY, along with some surprise guests during the show!

“Welcome to The Dangerous Tour!” exclaimed Larry Fleet as he was welcomed on stage! The singer songwriter was thrilled to be apart of this historic night. “Last time I played Broadway on a Wednesday night, it looked a little different then this.” said Fleet

Larry Fleet talked about how he grew up just down the road in Dickson County, TN and performed a few of his songs including In Love With My Problems, Lifetime Guarantee, Stack Of Records, Different Shade Of Red, and Mix ‘Em With Whiskey, along with three covers of I Feel Good, Drift Away and The Weight. Lastly, Fleet performed his big hit, Where I Find God. Fleet said about the song, “First song I ever got on the radio, it’s a good day, dreams do come true.”

The second act of the night was none other than Mississippi native, HARDY! He came out with a bang as he performed his newest song which was just released entitled, SOLD OUT which had the audience up on their feet! The new ACM Songwriter of the Year, HARDY performed a variety of his songs as well including Truck, Boots, Boyfriend, Give Heaven Some Hell, Rednecker, 4X4, Unapologetically Country As Hell and did a performance of a song he co-wrote for Blake Shelton entitled God’s Country

HARDY took a moment during his part of the show to say he was very appreciative of all the fans coming out to the concert and talked about how much this show meant to him. “This has gotta be probably the #1 most special show that I’m going to play probably in my entire life because I’ve never gotten to play in this arena before.” Along with that, HARDY brought out two special guests, Lauren Alaina and Devin Dawson to sing with him on their #1 song they collaborated on entitled, One Beer! “It’s Nashville so we got to bring some guests out!” said HARDY

Morgan Wallen made a memorable grand entrance to the arena as he arose from below the stage with a piano to perform his first song of the night entitled, Sand In My Boots! He then performed two more songs, Somethin’ Country and Up Down before taking a moment to talk with the audience about the show. “I really appreciate you being here tonight.” 

Wallen continued to thank his fans and talk about his recent ACM award win with Dangerous: The Double Album! “This is a special show for me,” said Wallen, “I got a lot of people I care about here, a lot of people who have believed in me for a long time in the building tonight. A lot of people who have been through a lot with me so this is really special for me. But before we get started, I just wanted to say thank you guys. Most of the songs we’re going to play off the album tonight just won ACM Album of the Year and that wouldn’t have been possible without y’all.”

The singer songwriter then performed several songs from Dangerous: The Double Album including the title track along with Still Goin’ Down, Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt, Silverado For Sale, 7 Summers, Country A$$ Shit, Wonderin’ Bout The Wind, Somebody’s Problem, 865, Cover Me Up, Warning, This Bar, More Than My Hometown, Heartless, Wasted On You and performed two #1 songs from his debut album, Whiskey Glasses and Chasin’ You

When performing his #1 song, Chasin’ You, right before the country artist talked about how the song helped him early on in his career. “This song just means a lot to me because it gave me a lot of hope, it gave me a lot of faith, it helped me to stay on the path that I was on.” said Wallen. “You guys made it a #1 on country music radio so I know it’s got a special connection to y’all as well.” The country superstar also talked about how he never dreamed he would be where he is today. “For me it was always music and baseball, that’s the only things I did growing up really,” continues Wallen, “I never really thought I’d be in Bridgestone Arena singing music that’s for sure but it feels like the World Series to me tonight in here!” 

Morgan Wallen joined his tour mate, HARDY on stage to perform their collaboration song together, He Went To Jared, and Larry Fleet came out to sing with Wallen to do an acoustic version of Fleet’s song, Where I Find God. Wallen also brought out his good friend, ERNEST to perform their latest hit, Flower Shops! This was ERNEST’s first time performing at Bridgestone Arena, so it was a special night for him as well! “This boy (ERNEST) was born and raised in Nashville so I know this is pretty cool for him.” said Wallen, “I was not born and raised in Nashville, I was born and raised in East Tennessee and it’s still pretty damn cool for me as well!” The song, Flower Shops has had great success since it’s release and Wallen talked about how cool it is for ERNEST having the tune on country radio! “It’s his first ever country music radio single and it’s doing really well!” said Wallen

The biggest surprise guest of the night came in as Morgan Wallen was singing his song, Talkin’ Tennessee for the first time on the tour and legendary country artist, Ronnie Dunn from the duo, Brooks & Dunn joined Wallen on stage! Everyone in the crowd was shocked! Then, while the audience sang along, the pair both performed one of Brooks & Dunn’s hit songs, Neon Moon! “This is so cool. You’re killin’ it!” said Dunn. Wallen was thrilled he had the opportunity to share the stage with him. “Thank you for coming up here man, it means a lot to me.” said Wallen

One more surprise guest of the night happened to be country music artist, Jimmie Allen as he joined Morgan Wallen on stage to perform Wallen’s song, The Way I Talk! The audience loved seeing the two collaborate during the concert! Wallen then performed a couple songs before closing out the show with his big hit, Whiskey Glasses. This concert was incredible and always left you wondering what was going to happen next! Along with that, Morgan Wallen is incredibly talented in music and puts on a fantastic concert! You could easily tell this night was historic and really special to Wallen and to all those apart of it! If you’re a fan of Morgan Wallen, you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to see him in concert!

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