Morgan Wallen Performs Last Show Of 2021

On December 12th, country superstar Morgan Wallen performed his last concert of 2021 with his friends, ERNEST and HARDY after having three back-to-back sold out shows at the Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi!

The concert started out on a great note with ERNEST opening the show! ERNEST performed a few of his songs during his set including Cheers, Bottle’s Bout Dead, I Think I Love You, American Rust and Sugar. He also performed a couple big songs he wrote for other artists such as Chris Lane’s song, Big, Big Plans and two songs from Morgan Wallen entitled, If I Know Me and Me On Whiskey.

9DE59E5A-FD2B-44EA-B126-48AAE6524C57This show was the last time ERNEST will be performing with HARDY and Morgan Wallen for a while but ERNEST talked about how grateful he was to been able to be apart of these shows! “It’s been some of the most fun shows, these are some of my best friends I get to open up for.” said ERNEST. When he was performing his last song, all of the bass players came out to play as a nice send-off to ERNEST!

The next artist to perform was HARDY! This was a special show for the singer songwriter as he grew up just down the road in Philadelphia, Mississippi. The artist was thankful for the fans coming out to the show and was thrilled with how much the crowd was loving the concert! “Y’all have sang every single word to every single song.” said HARDY.

HARDY brought a country rock vibe to the show while performing a lot of his songs including Rednecker, Truck, Boots, Boyfriend, One Beer, Give Heaven Some Hell, Ain’t A Bad Day, 4X4, Unapologetically Country As Hell. He also performed a cover of a song he co-wrote which was recorded by Blake Shelton entitled, God’s Country

399D442C-84A4-45FC-BED5-16984787FEA0Morgan Wallen made his grand entrance to the stage with the whole crowd cheering him on! “What’s up, Mississippi! Thank you so much for being here.” proclaimed Wallen. He started his portion of the show showing a softer side of himself by performing an acoustic version of his hit song, Sand In My Boots with just him on piano. 

He then preceded to perform two more songs, Somethin’ Country and Up Down, before taking a moment to talk to the audience. This show was the last concert for Wallen this year, so the artist was pretty excited about it! “Thank you so much for having us here. It’s our third night in a row to be here in Southaven, it’s been an absolute pleasure so far and looks like tonight will be no different.” said Wallen, “This is our last show of 2021 so we’re pretty fired up, looks like you guys are gonna match my energy just fine!”

The singer songwriter also talked about his latest album, Dangerous: The Double Album before performing some songs from the project. “I put an album out way way earlier in this year with a lot of songs that truly mean a lot to me and you guys have made that album go to the top and stay up there near it. Thank you guys for doing that.” 

20F21117-55A5-4482-827A-73718917641FWallen performed a variety of his songs from Dangerous: The Double Album including the title track followed by Still Goin Down, Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt, Silverado For Sale, 7 Summers, Country A$$ Shit, Wonderin’ Bout The Wind, Somebody’s Problem, 865, his version of Cover Me Up, Warning, This Bar, More Than My Hometown and two of the singles from his first album, Chasin’ You and The Way I Talk.

The artist shared some stories about how some of the songs came to be from the album including the song, Wonderin’ About The Wind. “This next song right here is one of my favorite songs that I’ve got to be apart of writing.” said Wallen. He said he started writing the song one day in early 2020. “I went and sat on my back porch and it was a beautiful day and then like 20 minutes later it turned into an awful day, it was real ugly, and I don’t know, I just kinda started thinking about that. I’m sure there’s some sorta signs behind it.” 

Wallen continued to say he was thinking he could turn that thought into a song and called in one of his friends to help him finish it. “I called up Ernest. Ernest is one of my favorite people, one of my favorite people to write with.” said Wallen, “I called him up and he said ‘hold on man I’m in the grocery store’ and he called me back when he got done. We finished the song together on the phone, actually it is definitely the only song I’ve ever written on the phone.”

A1F18193-818A-4DC0-BEE5-BF24C0EA1A03Along with that, Wallen talked about how another song, Somebody’s Problem came to be one day as well while him and ERNEST were heading to go to a songwriter session. “My truck was running low on fuel. I pulled into the station and filled up and we pulled out went to the red light and her light turned green but right before I took off, this girl in her suv pulled out in front of us to get onto the interstate and she’s a pretty girl and I looked at Ern and said ‘damn man I wonder who that is’ and he looked at me and said ‘looks like somebody’s problem to me’.” 

The last song Wallen talked about was one of his first number one songs, Chasin’ You. He wrote the tune right after he moved to Nashville a couple months later and he knew he could sing but wasn’t really sure if he could write songs. “When we got done with this song, I listened back to it and I said to myself ‘damn, that’s a real song.’” In a way, Wallen said this song was the sign telling him he was doing a good thing by moving away from home and pursuing a music career. 

C890297B-D7FF-43BC-A843-F646620CD28F“This song gave me a lot of encouragement, a lot of inspiration, a lot of confidence that I was doing the right thing.” Wallen continued, “This song gave me a lot of hope so this song always has and always will mean a lot to me because of that. Not only does it mean a lot to me, I think it means a lot to you guys too because you made it a number one on country music radio. I know it’s one you guys relate to so I’m really glad to know that.” 

Wallen brought out his friend and tour mate, ERNEST to perform an acoustic version of a unreleased song, Flower Shops which went viral online and shared the good news it would be officially released soon! “We’ve been talking about doing a song together and putting it out for a long time. We found a song that we both really loved and felt like it fit the bill. We’re going to put it out on December 31st. I love this song man so I hope you guys do too!” said Wallen.

The Sneedville, Tennessee native also brought out his buddy, HARDY to perform the song they collaborated on, He Went To Jared. Wallen preceded to sing a few more of the songs mentioned above from his double album followed by making a return to the stage for a encore performance singing three more songs including Heartless, Wasted On You and his number one hit song, Whiskey Glasses!

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There’s no question, Morgan Wallen puts on a fantastic show! It was nice to see him start the concert showing his softer side. Wallen was phenomenal performing and keeping the crowd entertained throughout the show! ERNEST was amazing opening the concert and HARDY was a great addition as well! Wallen seemed very happy to be getting to do what he loves, very genuine and super grateful to have his fans support! If you get the chance to see Morgan Wallen in concert, it’s definitely a show you don’t want to miss!

Be sure to follow Morgan Wallen on his social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at his website,

Have you seen Morgan Wallen in concert before? Are you going to see him next year? I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave me a comment below or on social media!


One thought on “Morgan Wallen Performs Last Show Of 2021

  1. Chiquita Pounders says:

    I saw them in North Little Rock, Arkansas and it was the best concert!!! Thank you for writing this great story!!! Fantastic story and a fabulous concert in November 2021!!!! Planning to see Morgan Wallen again!!!!

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