Ali Morgan Talks About Her Next Chapter With New Music

It’s a new season for things and upcoming artist, Ali Morgan is focusing on the next chapter in her music career, creating new music which showcases herself, now more than ever.

The singer songwriter has recently released two new singles and The CMBeat got to chat with Ali Morgan about the new changes she’s facing becoming a full independent artist and about her new music!

Photo by Kayla Schoen

“It feels amazing to release this new music that is completely me.” as Ali Morgan exclusively tells The CMBeat, “It took me a while to figure out which lane I wanted to be in. I’ve been writing my own songs since I could speak.”

Along with becoming a independent artist, it ultimately means Morgan has more say in her music and she’s already been making her thoughts known. “I am an independent artist. Releasing this music has been extremely freeing.” says Morgan, “Every lyric was my decision, written solely on my own, every photo my choice. I’ve had my hand in every step of it.”

One of the other things the artist mentioned she liked while working on her new music, is finding the right people to help make the magic happen. “I was also able to choose my own producer, Johnny Dibb, who I love! He understood my vision immediately.” says Morgan.

The first single the singer songwriter released independently, Kid Again, in November of 2020 was one which the artist said definitely hit home for her personally. “My first release on my own was an extremely personal one called Kid Again.” says Morgan, “It’s about how it felt to be in Nashville pursuing this dream that so many other amazing talented artists are going after as well, all while my friends were back home moving on without me.”

Photo by Kayla Schoen

Morgan continued, “Starting high school, falling in love, having their first kisses while I was on the road, writing music, schooling online, mostly by myself. It was about wanting to be a kid again even just for a moment.” As Morgan was growing up in a different lifestyle at a young age while chasing her dream, she wrote about the things she longed for in her life as well.

The new single, Run Away, which the artist just released on Friday, February 26th, is the second single she has released independently and she couldn’t be more excited about putting out the song for everyone to listen.

When asked if Morgan had a favorite thing about the new single, she talked about how she enjoyed working on the song and finally seeing the finished product. “I would say my favorite thing about Run Away has been watching it come to life.” as Morgan exclusively tells The CMBeat, “It’s about wanting to be with that one person who makes you happy.”

The new music, Kid Again and Run Away by Ali Morgan are both great songs! This young lady is a talented singer songwriter. She has a kind and bright spirit which shows true in her music. The CMBeat has followed Ali Morgan ever since the release of her debut single and The CMBeat looks forward to seeing what the future holds for her!

Be sure to follow Ali Morgan on her social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at her website, If you’d like to download Ali Morgan’s new music on iTunes, click HERE for Kid Again or click HERE for Run Away.

What do you think about Ali Morgan and her new music? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


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