Silverado Records Celebrates 5 Years, Announces New Music

One of the record labels, Silverado Records, which is based out of Nashville, Tennessee is celebrating a big milestone and announcing some exciting news to celebrate!

In honor of the special occasion, The CMBeat got to chat exclusively with the CEO of Silverado Records, Scott Thomas. He talked about some of his favorite times throughout the years and what’s next for the future of the label.

Since Silverado Records is celebrating five years since it’s official launch in late 2015, I asked what has been one of Thomas’ favorite memories from the company. “We had a booth at CMA Fest two years in a row.” as CEO of Silverado Records, Scott Thomas exclusively tells The CMBeat. “It was a blast meeting all the fans, and getting some face time with people from all over the country.”

The record label has announced today there’s new music coming as Volume 2 of The Country Discovery Series has a release date for sometime in January 2021. Thomas couldn’t share many hints about the new project, but to definitely look forward to learning about more upcoming artists. “Expect a fresh batch of up and coming country music artists. We’re excited about this series because it gives talent from all over a chance to be heard by a big audience.” (You can click the link HERE to learn more about The Country Discovery Series Volume 1 from The CMBeat!)

In the past, Silverado Records has worked with many upcoming artists on their compilation records and there is several ways the record label finds musicians to showcase on their albums. “It’s a big team effort!” as the CEO of Silverado Records, Scott Thomas exclusively tells The CMBeat. “In addition to taking submissions online (something we’ve done from the very beginning), our team is always listening, and reaching out to new artists to make introductions and ultimately feature their music on our projects.”

Along with new music, there’s a lot of new compilation projects in the works for Silverado Records and The CMBeat got some exciting details about one of the upcoming albums! “Country music as a genre is a very wide open space. With our new business model we’re free to explore some, and experiment with new ways to present music to fans. One example of this will be a series focusing on talent from Canada, where they have a very robust and growing country music scene.”

Congratulations to Silverado Records on their 5 Year Anniversary! It’s a great accomplishment! Looking forward to seeing the country artists who will be showcased and new music released in 2021!

Be sure to follow Silverado Records on their social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at their website,

What do you think of Silverado Records Celebrating 5 Years and about them releasing new music? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


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