Parker McCollum Gets Honest In New EP, Hollywood Gold

A rising country music artist, Parker McCollum has shown the country music scene a glimpse of his true talent with his latest single, Pretty Heart and is ready to show more with his new EP available now entitled, Hollywood Gold.

The brand new EP from the singer songwriter features six new songs which were all written or co-written by McCollum himself except for one, therefore creating the true honesty he wants to have in his music.

There is a lot of great songs on the new project and The CMBeat recently got to chat with McCollum about which song off of the new EP is his favorite and why he feels it hit the nail on the head personally for him.

“I would say it’s Young Man’s Blues.” said McCollum. The singer songwriter said he resonates with this song because it is still relevant to him just as much now if not more, even after over a year has passed from the time of writing the tune.

McCollum continued by saying about the song, “I think that was the most honest I was on the record.” He writes his songs based off the things he’s going through in life and that’s what surprises him the most is that the songs are still relatable after time.

The second song on the EP is called Like A Cowboy, which was co-written by country superstar, Chris Stapleton and fellow songwriter, Al Anderson. This tune goes well with McCollum’s story, as the song talks about a cowboy, similar to McCollum’s grandpa which he often spent time with growing up and helps influence his music.

Although cutting the song by Chris Stapleton and Al Anderson is a great opportunity, it was also stepping into new territory for McCollum as he has never recorded a song he didn’t write before.

The following four remarkable songs on the new EP, Hollywood Gold includes his latest single, Pretty Heart, along with Hallie Ray Light, Hold Me Back and Love You Like That.

This new EP, Hollywood Gold by Parker McCollum is definitely great! The artist keeps it real and honest in this new music, which is the one thing he always wants to include in it. The collection of songs showcases his country roots and his true passion to create more classic country music.

You can click the link HERE to download/listen to Parker McCollum’s new EP, Hollywood Gold! Be sure to follow Parker McCollum on his social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at his website,

What do you think of Parker McCollum and his new EP, Hollywood Gold? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


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