EXCLUSIVE: The Joy Reunion To Release New Single

Today, The CMBeat is so excited to share the EXCLUSIVE news with y’all on behalf of The Joy Reunion that they will be releasing a new single on March 30th entitled, Offline!

The upcoming country music trio with band members, Rob Easley, Gentry Monreal, and Neil Morrison, recently got to chat with The CMBeat to talk exclusively about their new single, Offline, coming soon!

Emily Ann Wells: What was it like making this new single?
The Joy Reunion: We had an absolute blast! We had just finished mastering our debut full length album back in September of 2019 and then hopped right back into recording “Winter Wonderland” for the holidays, and then over Christmas, we sat down and planned our goals as a band for 2020. “Offline” was unanimously the song we wanted to record next! So far, we have self-produced every recording and it seems we keep getting better and faster at it. There’s not a better feeling than creating a song from nothing, and then recording it into something you’re really proud of. As an artist, you can get way too picky, or always feel like something could have been done better, or we should have tweaked this or that a little more- with “Offline”, there’s not a single moment in the entire recording we aren’t 100% proud of, and for a musician, that’s a rarity.

EAW: Did you write the song?
TJR: We did! We actually take pride in the fact that we write all of our songs. This song started off with the lead guitar line. Neil had this catchy guitar line and he showed us one night and we instantly fell in love with it. Later that night we wrote the whole song. I think it took just a few hours to complete. It’s one of our favorite things to do in life. To be able to take something that started as a guitar line or whatever and be able to surround it with chords and a catchy melody then layer it with thought out lyrics and 3 part harmony is truly such a special experience.

Check out a little exclusive sneak peak of The Joy Reunion’s new single, Offline here!

EAW: What is your favorite part about your new song?
TJR: We absolutely love the way this song makes us feel! The second you hear it, you are transported to a different frame of mind. It has feels, groove, good vibes and it really makes you feel everything the song talks about. Life is crazy, especially right now with everything happening in the world. We love that this song reminds us to take a break from the online world and go offline once and a while to “reboot” yourself.

EAW: What can fans expect from your new single?
TJR: Well, our hope is to remind listeners everywhere to reset, be present, and if nothing else “when in doubt, dance it out”. You really can’t help but groove along with this song and that in itself serves it’s purpose 😉 We expect that will translate through the lyrics and overall vibe of the song.

A lot of country music fans are going to like The Joy Reunion’s upcoming new single, Offline! The song has an amazing important message as we all sometimes need a little reminder to take a break from being online and to enjoy life! A special Thank You to The Joy Reunion for letting The CMBeat exclusively premiere the big news!

Be sure to follow The Joy Reunion on their social media including on Facebook, Instagram and at their website, www.thejoyreunion.com.

Are you excited to hear The Joy Reunion’s new single, Offline coming out on March 30th? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


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