Exclusive Interview with Josie Passantino

A lot of artists these days are independent and that is no exception in the country music industry as well. This is where a thriving woman in the music industry who is entrepreneur, Josie Passantino comes in as she continues to help spread the word about upcoming independent artists.

I recently got to chat with Josie Passantino to learn more about how she has built her incredible career with The Josie Network LLC. There are many brands under the network such as Country Blast Radio which features The Josie Show, a make up line, Confidently Ready and so much more. Josie Passantino also talked to me about one of her exciting upcoming events, The Josie Music Awards happening at Dollywood in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in September!

Emily Ann Wells: You originally started your career with your radio show, The Josie Show. What got you interested in radio?
Josie Passantino: I absolutely loved hearing from people from all walks of life and their stories on what fuels their passion. I have the opportunity each week (every Thursday) to chat with singers/songwriters, actors/actresses, authors, etc about their careers and I find such enjoyment in this. I love to talk and I love to promote people. For anyone who is interested in listening to my show, it can be heard every Thursday at 7:00PM Central at www.JosieShow.com or ON DEMAND on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Tunein, iTunes, and many other platforms.

EAW: You’ve had your radio show, The Josie Show, for quite some time. Do you have some personal favorite memories of yours from the show?
JP: A couple of my favorite memories from The Josie Show would be chatting with the late, legendary, country star Ray Price. He shared so many wonderful stories of the music business with me. He has done so many incredible things and has such a rich history in the tradition country music scene. I loved every minute of it! Another wonderful memory was having the chance to interview the legendary Mickey Gilley backstage of one of his concerts. I had my own dressing room and being only 15-16 at the time I thought it was the coolest thing that he came into my dressing room to chat. I have so many wonderful memories from the 10 years of doing The Josie Show and I look forward to making many more memories to come.

EAW: You created The Josie Network LLC. How did making that come about?
JP: I just love doing different things and keeping busy. It all started with The Josie Show and just snowballed after that. I then decided I wanted to have a radio station of 24/7 country music and so on my 18th birthday it was born, and Country Blast Radio came into play. The Josie Music Awards then came into play as I wanted a bigger platform to recognize and award artists of all genre (worldwide). I have had so many wonderful opportunities from The Josie Network such as publishing a book “The Artist Collection” which is on Barnes & Nobles’ website, Amazon, etc. I have my own cosmetic line called Confidently Ready, and a magazine where I can further promote independent artists and that’s called IndiesVoice Magazine. I just love getting my hands into different and unique things. It’s so exciting!

EAW: You have so many followers for The Josie Network LLC. now across all the brands. What do you think is the key trick to having that many followers?
JP: I believe doing things with integrity and just being kind to others really helps. People know that they can come to me for anything and I will listen and do everything I can to help.

EAW: When you add a new brand to the network, what goes on in the decision process to help decide that you want to add that on?
JP: Generally it starts with a need or multiple requests from either the large independent artist base or our listener base. Brainstorming then takes place so we can find the best way to go about such a task and achieve the initial goal or requests.

EAW: You obviously put a lot of hard work into everything for The Josie Network LLC. What is a couple things you like to do in your down time?
JP: I love to hang out with family, my fiance, my 2 dogs (Toby and Destiny), and friends on my down time. I enjoy swimming, singing, reading a good book, and going to the movie theater.

EAW: One of your biggest events, The Josie Music Awards are coming soon in September! What can people that are attending expect at the show?
JP: I am so excited! This year on September 21st in our home of Dollywood (inside the DP Celebrity Theater) we have so many incredible surprises in store that’ll keep all of our attendees on the edge of their seat. We have a red carpet with media,meet and greets, special guests, stunning performances, a very special tribute song dedicated to our Military, Veterans, and their families, and many award presentations. Limited tickets are still available (tickets are selling fast) at: www.JosieMusicAwards.com/tickets

EAW: What is one of the things you have gotten to accomplish that you’re most proud of?
JP: I am most proud of the family atmosphere that we at The Josie Network have created. That is something I count as a huge accomplishment. No matter who you are, what genre you sing, or where you’re from, when we all get together at the JMA’s it’s a big family.

There’s no doubt that Josie Passantino along with everyone involved in the behind the scenes work, has created an amazing network, with all of the brands under it as well. Josie Passantino definitely puts in the hard work, dedication and time to help make everything possible. Along with that, Passantino is one of the sweetest, genuine and kindest people around. You can easily tell she enjoys meeting and talking with every person she meets through the network. A special big thank you to Josie Passantino for chatting with me!

Be sure to follow Josie Passantino on her social media including on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Learn more about The Josie Network LLC. at their website, www.thejosienetwork.com.

If you would like to learn more about The Josie Music Awards that are happening at Dollywood in September, be sure to check out their website, www.josiemusicawards.com.

What do you think of my Exclusive Interview with Josie Passantino? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


One thought on “Exclusive Interview with Josie Passantino

  1. Annemarie Picerno says:

    Josie Passantino and Tinamarie Passantino are pioneers in the independent music industry and they have made a radio show, awards show, and so many opportunities available to artists. They are the best out there and they will be around a long time with their excellence!

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