Hunter Hayes – Heartbreak

A well known country music artist, Hunter Hayes recently released a fantastic new single earlier this year entitled, Heartbreak!

The new song by the singer songwriter, tells the story of how even though you might have to go through a little heartbreak, it might lead you to real love in the end with someone else.

Check out Hunter Hayes’ official music video for his latest single, Heartbreak, below on YouTube or click HERE to watch!

This new single by Hayes will definitely want to get you up and singing along! It’s definitely a great tune and will be a total jam to play in the summertime! Everyone will be sure to like Hunter Hayes’ new song, Heartbreak!

Be sure to follow Hunter Hayes on his social media including on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He is currently on his Closer To You Tour until the end of this month, so be sure to check out the dates at his website,

What do you think of Hunter Hayes’ newest single, Heartbreak? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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