Kimberly Kelly – Don’t Blame It On Me

If you’re a traditional country music fan that misses the good old songs, then you definitely need to take a listen to country music singer, Kimberly Kelly, and her brand new EP that was just released entitled, Don’t Blame It On Me

This new project when you listen to it, screams real country music as it gives fans a nostalgic traditional country music, and a familiar George Strait sound. You will feel right at ease when listening to the record as Kelly effortless graces each song with her voice.

The new EP from the artist includes five new songs including the title track, along with another song, Prayer and a Six Pack, that was co-wrote by the late but great songwriter, Andrew Dorff, with Hillary Lindsey and Barry Dean. Some other songs on the project include my personal favorite, Some Things Have A Name, as well as First Fool in Line and Daddy’s 8-Track.

Along with having her remarkable vocals on the record, Kelly got creative lyrically on the last and only song she wrote on the project, in company with her co-writers on the specific tune, Steve Dean and Cara Graham Hogan. See a line of lyrics from the song below:

🎶 I go back to Fleetwood Mac, on Daddy’s 8-Track 🎶

Click the image to download the EP on iTunes

This wonderful new EP, Don’t Blame It On Me by Kimberly Kelly is such a great addition to country music. You can tell this project is obviously a piece of art that the artist wanted to make sure was done right, and she did just that. Once country music fans hear this record, it will definitely leave them wanting more.

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What do you think of Kimberly Kelly’s new EP, Don’t Blame It On Me? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


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