Exclusive Interview with The Arkansas Country Music Awards 

Every country singer we all know and love, of course comes from some state, rather that be from Tennessee, some from Texas or farther. There’s been a few to come from one state in particular such as Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Charlie Rich, Justin Moore, Buddy Jewell, Joe Nichols, and more. What state does these artists come from you may ask? Not only but my favorite, Arkansas.

Nathan Hunnicutt, A Producer of the Arkansas Country Music Awards

There is a new event on the horizon that will intrigue country music artists from the natural state. I recently got to speak with one of the Arkansas Country Music Awards‘ producer’s, Nathan Hunnicutt, an Arkansas native himself, to chat about the upcoming awards and how this will impact the country music scene in the state.

Even though the idea to have these awards especially for the country singers of Arkansas may sound new to most fans, this isn’t the first time the project has been brought up. “This concept has been discussed for many years here in Arkansas.” says Hunnicutt. “We began planning mid-year 2017.” The best part about these awards that will interest artists and their followers, is that the event is fan nominated by YOU the fans. “The nomination round ends on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.” continues Hunnicutt, “Nominations are open to the public and so far over 9,000 nominations have been received.”

The awards will be pulling out all the stops for it’s first annual event that will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas on Monday, June 4th, 2018, with a venue announcement to follow later this month. The show will include a red carpet, performances by some of the nominated artists and more. “During the inaugural red carpet event, you can expect a who’s who of industry professionals, artists, promoters, actors, pageant winners, etc.” says Hunnicutt. “You can expect cameras and an incredible show with performances by at least fifteen nominees. The red carpet itself caters to artists, fans, and news media.”

To help spread the word about the first Arkansas Country Music Awards, Hunnicutt went on one of Little Rock, Arkansas’ most known news stations, KARK 4, to talk about the event. If you’d like to watch the segment, check out it by clicking HERE for the link!

The people making the first Arkansas Country Music Awards happen, is obviously very focused and clear on what they want to accomplish with this event. “The goal for the Arkansas country music awards is to promote and build up the country music scene in Arkansas. Already, nominees are being supported through online promotions by fans and the direction this is taking is quite incredible.” says Hunnicutt. They are hoping the awards will bring in a variety of people and fans. “This is a statewide event and we hope to pull in people from all over the state and surrounding states for this event.” continued Hunnicutt.

This isn’t the only event that the awards are hoping to bring to the natural state as well to help the country music artists in Arkansas grow and build their career. “We also plan to have other events throughout the year such as songwriter workshops, etc.” says Hunnicutt, “Of course more opportunity will be on the table as more sponsors come aboard.”

The awards will be a great thing for Arkansas and it’s artists. It will not only help them get recognition in the state, but could help them grow as musicians as well. This unique event coming to town, will definitely be a refreshing appearance for country music singers/songwriters and fans alike. A special thank you to Nathan Hunnicutt of the Arkansas Country Music Awards for taking the time out for this interview!

Be sure to keep up with the first Arkansas Country Music Awards on social media on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at the website, www.arkansascountrymusic.com, for all news about the awards and for tickets!

What do you think about the first Arkansas Country Music Awards coming to town? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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