Silverado Records Releases A Very Nashville Christmas 

Everyone knows that Christmas time is one of the most special holidays that only comes around once a year, and nothing’s better than to celebrate the special occasion with Christmas music! That’s why Silverado Records has brought out another great project entitled, A Very Nashville Christmas.

This new album is the second holiday record the label has released, of course featuring some of their artists from their roster, such as David Adam Byrnes, Ali Morgan, Crystal Yates, and Tyler Jordan along with some special guest appearances by different singer/songwriters.

The record starts off with the sound of Arkansas native, David Adam Byrnes, smooth and sweet voice singing, All Year For, describing the things we look forward to every Christmas. A passionate Texas singer/songwriter, Crystal Yates, is up next on the album with a bluesy and soulful song, New Traditions For Christmas, talking about creating some new ideas for Christmas traditions.

An aspiring young singer that is a Silverado Records recording artist, Ali Morgan, has her own great and delightful song on the album entitled, You And Me And The Christmas Tree. This next name you might recognize off the record, Brandon Chase, from when the artist was on The Voice in Season 5 on Team Blake. The singer/songwriter has one of the most beautiful and magical songs featured on the album, Marry Me For Christmas.

Tyler Jordan, an upcoming country artist, knows just how to master a slow song with his tender voice with his holiday song on the album, Christmas Missing You, that focuses on missing that special someone on Christmas. For those of you who love to celebrate Christmas as long as you can, then The Young Fables’ song, OMG It’s December on the album, is definitely for you, as it talks about loving and celebrating Christmas. If you’re looking for a rockin’ Christmas song to jam to with a Elvis Presley feel, then you will love a special guest, Dave Kennedy’s tune on the album talking about how happy everyone would be if it was, Christmas All The Time.

The last few songs on the album are by guest appearances including Tony Winkler with a great song talking about how it’s That Time Of Year. One of the songs on the record that has one of the most important messages to share not only at Christmas time, but all the time, is Don’t Save It All by Daughter Jack. It talks about how important it is to tell your loved ones how much you love them every day, not only just on Christmas. The final song is a bittersweet tune, Ain’t Nothing Merry by Liv Waters, talking about how for some people Christmas is just another day missing a certain person around the holidays.

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If you haven’t gotten to hear A Very Nashville Christmas by Silverado Records yet, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. This album has all the elements you need to feel right at home during a Nashville Christmas to share with your loved ones. The record label always seems to prove to raise the bar a little higher with every album. This collection will definitely put you in the holiday spirit with all the different genres of music from blues, to rock, mixed in with country. Silverado Records couldn’t be ending the year out on a better note.

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What do you think of Silverado Records’ A Very Nashville Christmas? I’d love to know your thoughts so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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