Silverado Records Launches Part 3 Of Signature Songwriter Series With Upcoming Country Artist, Tyler Jordan

A new upcoming record label in Nashville, TN, Silverado Records has been busting at the seams this year with their list of artists releasing new music. Earlier this fall, the label launched some new music with a new EP, continuing in their Silverado Signature Songwriter Series. The special collection of music focuses on showcasing the songwriter talent from their roster of artists.

Each new volume added to the series will have a new featured singer/songwriter and all songs on the EP are written by the featured artist. Volume one in the collection was released the first of this year with country newcomer, Zack Dyer (read our review HERE), and Volume 2 spotlighted texas singer, Crystal Yates (read our review HERE). The latest EP released makes Volume 3, with upcoming country artist, Tyler Jordan

The album starts out strong with a song that sounds like we should already be hearing it on the radio airwaves, I Wanna Be, showing off Jordan’s dominate vocals with a blend of his South Carolina roots. The singer also shows off his easier side by slowing things down a couple times in the album including on the heartbreak song of the CD, entitled, Wasted.

Anyone can easily fall in love with the third song on the album, Take You There, which is one of the songs on the record that you can hear Jordan’s musical influences come into place, mixing a blues vibe along with country in a unique way.

My favorite song might just be the fourth track on the album, For The Night, one of the upbeat tracks on the EP that you can tell definitely has a great sound credit to the distinguished lyrics and excellent musicianship. The albums ends on a gentle note with a touching song showcasing Jordan’s vocals one last time on, Why Her.

Click the image to download the album on iTunes

This volume being the third record in this collection, is the perfect addition to Silverado’s Signature Songwriter Series. By listening to this EP, you will easily be able to see how much talent, passion and potential, Tyler Jordan, has as an artist. Each album added to the series is a even greater piece, from the artists, to the songs, and definitely to the music production. This record is definitely just the beginning for Tyler Jordan’s music career, and I can’t wait to see where it takes him.

Be sure to check out Tyler Jordan on social media at his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also be sure to check out Silverado Records on their social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and learn more about them at their website,

What do you think of Silverado’s Signature Songwriter Series Volume 3 with Tyler Jordan? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so let me know below in the comments or on social media!

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