Blue Angels and Thunderbirds Tragedy

Even though this topic doesn’t concern country music, we, at The CMBeat felt it was needed to take a moment of silence for the tragic accidents that happened today with The Thunderbirds and Blue Angels.

Earlier today, one of the Air Force’s top-notch “Thunderbirds” pilots crashed in Colorado after performing a flyover during the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony. The pilot, Maj. Alex Turner, ejected safely before the crash and is reported to be ok.

Later today, a Blue Angels plane crashed in Smyrna, TN (outside of Nashville), killing the pilot. The team was practicing for an airshow this weekend at the Smyrna Airport. Just hours before, the team had flown over the Downtown Nashville area. The following tweet was posted by Kevin Mills, who was in the Downtown Nashville area as the Blue Angels flew overhead:

The CMBeat sends our thoughts and prayers to the pilots and to the families of all those involved.


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