The CMBeat is Officially Launched!

Welcome to The CMBeat! My name is Emily Ann Wells. I am a 16-year-old aspiring writer and Founder/Editor of The CMBeat. I am so excited for you to be joining us!

Now I know if this is your first visit to the website, you’re probably thinking, “What is The CMBeat?”, “What does it mean?”, and “Why was it created?.”

The CMBeat stands for “The Country Music Beat.” It is a blog, or online magazine, that I hope will become your independent source for country music news, interviews, reviews, and more!

Why was it created? I created The CMBeat because I have a passion for many things but my top two, are Country music and writing. So I thought hey, why not put them together?

There is always something new and exciting in the world of country music, so there will always be a LOT of information to share with all of you. I have loved country music all my life; I listen to everything from, Patsy Cline to Carrie Underwood, Merle Haggard to Luke Bryan, and more. If you love country music as much as I do, and love reading about all you favorite artists, festivals, venues, and more, than this will be the website for you!

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Thank you and Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The CMBeat is Officially Launched!

  1. Marilyn Cullum says:

    Congratulations on the beginning of a great new site for country music fans! I wish you the best, Emily Wells! You have incredible vision for 16!!

    Liked by 1 person

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