The Reality Of Nashville Season 5

Back in May, the ABC network announced that it was not renewing their beloved series, Nashville, which has been filmed on location in Nashville for the past four years and has fueled an increase in tourism in the city. After the announcement, tens of thousands of fans (or “Nashies” as they refer to themselves) took to the internet, armed with the hashtag, #BringBackNashville, in an effort to save the show, or in hopes that another network would pick it up.

Only one month later, their efforts paid off when it was announced that Nashville-based cable network, CMT, was picking up the series and would produce the 5th season. The popular streaming service, Hulu, will also be streaming new episodes beginning the day after they premiere on CMT.

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ABC’s Nashville is Cancelled

If you’ve been a loyal watcher of the television show, Nashville, I’m sure you felt the same sadness so many others fans from around the world and I did after hearing that ABC had cancelled the beloved show last Thursday, May 12th.

Even though the show aired for only four seasons, it has made a huge impact on fans and the city of Nashville, itself. Continue reading