Exclusive Interview with Jade Eagleson

A upcoming country music artist originally from Canada, Jade Eagleson is a singer songwriter that is passionate about keeping traditional country music alive and is doing just that.

The rising artist recently got to chat with me about a few things including some of his music influences, about which country music legend he would love to do a dream collaboration with and how he got interested in music. Eagleson also talked about what it was like being a country singer in Canada, his self-titled debut EP, and when fans could expect new music from him. Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Mike Ryan

A rising country artist, Mike Ryan, has been working his way through the country music scene for several years now, with his music, and his songwriting abilities nailing him his first #1 single. His recent achievements include being named as one of Pandora’s Country Artists to Watch 2018.

The singer/songwriter recently found some time to talk with me to discuss how he got in to the music business, one of the coolest things that has happened to him so far in his music career, and what it was like working with a couple mega country music stars on his new album, Blink You’ll Miss ItContinue reading

Exclusive Interview with Katie Richardson from Lainey Lou’s Embroidery

Crafts are enjoying a renewed popularity thanks to online stores, groups, and tutorials. Crafters, now more than ever, have an unlimited amount of resources to help them create their own personalized and customized trinkets, clothes, and accessories.

A favorite craft and pastime among country music fans has always been embroidery. In fact, it’s difficult to find a home decorated in a “country style” without spotting several embroidered items in and around the house. The CMBeat’s founder, Emily Ann Wells, recently got to speak with Katie Richardson, who took a favorite hobby and passion and turned it into her own personalized embroidery business online called Lainey Lou’s Embroidery. Continue reading