Reba McEntire Headlines Bridgestone Arena in Nashville For The First Time

It’s always special to attend a concert in Music City and even more so on a night where country music history is made. On October 21st, the country music icon, Reba McEntire brought her tour to Bridgestone Arena, marking the first time she has ever headlined by herself at the venue in Downtown Nashville!

Along with McEntire, she brought along fellow female country music artist, Terri Clark to open the show! “I am so happy to be here,” said Clark. “I want to thank Reba so much for having me out on this tour, this is incredible, it’s been amazing!” 

Terri Clark entertained the crowd as she did a wonderful set performing several of her songs including I Just Wanna Be Mad, A Little Gasoline, Three Mississippi, Emotional Girl, Now That I Found You, Dirty Girl, Every Time I Cry, If I Were You, I Wanna Do It All, When Boy Meets Girl, You’re Easy On The Eyes, Better Things To Do, Poor Poor Pitiful Me and Girls Lie Too!

Reba McEntire made a grand entrance to the stage starting the show off with two #1 records including Can’t Even Get The Blues and Turn On The Radio! The country legend had a warm welcome from the crowd! “Welcome to the second half of our 2022 tour! We’re tickled to pieces y’all came out to see us tonight!” said McEntire. She shared how she was thrilled to get to have her friend, Terri Clark on tour with her. “So glad to get to share the stage with her and her band!”

McEntire continued, “What we wanna do for ya right now, we’re gonna take you on a little musical journey and see how many places we can get.” The country music icon performed a big variety of her hits including I’d Rather Ride Around With You, Little Rock, Whoever’s In New England, The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, Somebody, Oklahoma Swing with Brooks & Dunn on screen, And Still, a medley including, You Lie, Tammy Wynette Kind Of Pain, Somebody Should Leave, What Am I Gonna Do About You, and The Last One To Know. Followed by Going Out Like That, Consider Me Gone, I’m A Survivor, The Greatest Man I Never Knew, The Heart Won’t Lie with Vince Gill on screen, a medley of Back To God, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Oh Happy Day, and then Is There Life Out There, Take It Back, Why Haven’t I Heard From You and came to perform, Fancy for her encore!

This concert included a lot of memorable moments but one part which was special is when the country artist took a minute to talk about, recognize and say thank you to those who help make the shows happen! “You know what, it takes a village to put this show together. We’re talking a lot of people involved from start to finish. We’re talking about booking agents, managers, tour managers, production managers, building managers, people who put the chairs out for y’all to sit on. We’re talking about the concessions and merchandise, hair and makeup and wardrobe and then we’ve got the crew and your local crew. Will you please help me say thank you to all these nice folks!” said McEntire. “Trust me I get the easy part! Then when the lights go down and we get to hear that y’all are out here, we remember why we come up here on this stage and do what we love to do.”

Along with McEntire being an artist, she has done many things in her career including becoming an actress and she talked about during the show all the exciting adventures she got to do this year! “You know speaking of traveling, we’ve been really busy this year,” said McEntire.” We did the first part of this tour in January, February, March and then we went up to Canada and shot a movie for Lifetime, it’s called The Hammer. Then we went to Albuquerque, New Mexico, we were shooting the TV show for ABC called Big Sky and now here we are in Nashville, Tennessee! That’s a lot of miles!” laughed McEntire. “I had a blast this summer, getting to film the TV show and the movie was really special for me cause I got to film all that with my boyfriend, Rex Lynn.”

Later in the concert, Reba McEntire brought back out Terri Clark to the stage! “I am thrilled to death that you are out here with us. You and your band are just a breath of fresh air and we just have a good time!” said McEntire talking to Clark. “We’re having a blast!” said Clark. The two artists then performed three covers of songs together by one of their favorite artists, Linda Ronstadt including her songs, You’re No Good, When Will I Be Loved and Heatwave

There’s no question, Reba McEntire creates an amazing experience in concert! McEntire’s show has everything you would expect, entertainment, her four classic outfit changes which she has been known for, incredible graphics and all of her wonderful country music. Plus, she is so kind and keeps it honest with her fans. Terri Clark was a fantastic addition to the show as well! Every country music fan should definitely go see Reba McEntire live in concert!! 

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