Exclusive Interview with Kaleb Woods

A upcoming country music artist, Kaleb Woods is starting to make his path in the country music scene as he is fixing to release his debut EP on May 9th entitled, Summertime On!

The singer songwriter recently got to chat with me about a few things including his debut EP, Summertime On and what it was like writing the songs for the project! Woods also talked about some of his favorite music artists and about a new business adventure!

Emily Ann Wells: Who are some of your favorite music artists and why?
Kaleb Woods: Oh boy… I have an infinite list, but my top 5 at this moment would be Sublime, The Dirty Heads, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, and Motley Crue. Reggae music is for sure my go to. It always reminds me of being on a beach, or a body of water which is 100% my happy place. OH, I have to for sure mention that Green Day is the band that got me into performing music. If it wasn’t for the album “American Idiot”, or the live DVD “Bullet In A Bible”, I don’t know if I’d have the same ambition for live performances.

EAW: You’re fixing to release your debut EP, Summertime On! What is something you’re looking forward to most about releasing your first EP?
KW: I’m most excited to just be writing music again! I know I’ve written something meaningful to me when I can’t stop smiling while rehearsing it. I want listeners to get that same sensation, and I hope it stays on repeat throughout this summer!

Click the image to download the single, Summertime On, on iTunes

EAW: What was it like writing all the songs for the EP?
KW: It was a lot of fun writing this EP! Finding the right words to get your message across is sometimes a challenge, but this has been a fun challenge. It also helps that the theme of this EP is a pretty easy grasp! It’s funny to think that this whole adventure started by accident. I wrote “Summertime On” first and knew I wouldn’t be happy with just one single. The remaining tracks started coming to me naturally and boom Summertime On (The EP) was born! I’ve released 2 featured tracks so far, and I feel the best is yet to come! I will say the song “Bourbon on Ice” which has not been released yet, was the most fun for me to put together. It’s a strong banjo driven track that tells a story in both the lyrics and music. It’s a fun one, and I’ll leave it at that!

EAW: You and your wife just had the Grand Opening of your new business, Nautical Coffee Co. on April 30th! What made you want to start the business? How did you come up with the name/theme?
KW: We’re so excited! My wife and I are the type of people where if we experience a second of peace and quiet, we know we need to start up another adventure. Low and behold, Nautical Coffee Co. was born! We have always been entrepreneurs at heart, and wanted to land on something we have a general connection to, in addition to something most people love. Coffee was the easy choice! Food trucks, and mobile cafes are becoming more and more popular and we loved the versatility and uniqueness that came along with it. “Nautical” came from our love of the water, and the theme seemed like something we could really pull together. We’ve decorated our coffee trailer with old shipboards, and created an anchor logo you can’t miss! The creative process has been a lot of fun for us. We look forward to serving up the best coffee this side of Lake Wisconsin!

If you’d like to learn more about Nautical Coffee Co., be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at their website, www.nauticalcoffeeco.com!

EAW: If you could do a collaboration with any artist, who would it be and why?
KW: 100% I would collaborate with Thomas Rhett. He comes from a punk rock background like myself, and I feel like he’s somebody I could have fun making music with. Realistically, I want to continue collaborating with up and coming artists! I was so fortunate to get a fellow Wisconsinite, Bree Morgan on my track ‘Just My Type’. She is one of those artists that is going out there and truly making a name for herself. She has a hell of a voice to back it all up too! Shout out to Bree Morgan (breemorganmusic.com).

EAW: What is something fans would be surprised to know about you?
KW: I come from a punk rock background! Growing up I was in a bunch of ska/punk bands and had so much fun being a part of that scene. That is the music that really started it all for me, and still holds a big piece of my heart. Outside of that, I’m just an overly sarcastic midwesterner!

There’s no question, Kaleb Woods will have a great music career! As he is just starting out in his music journey, Woods definitely has a lot of potential! The singer songwriter has a cool vibe in his music, which country music fans will catch on to quickly. Along with that, Woods is one of the most nicest country artists you will ever meet! Every country music fan should definitely take a listen to Kaleb Woods! 

Be sure to follow Kaleb Woods on his social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and at his website, www.kalebwoods.com

What do you think of my Exclusive Interview with Kaleb Woods? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


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