The Joy Reunion Releases New Single, Old Town And Country

A upcoming country music trio from California known as The Joy Reunion, has just released a brand new single on May 7th entitled, Old Town and Country!

The new song is the first piece of music the trio has released so far this year and is followed by their three single releases in 2020, with the latest one being a cover of a classic Christmas tune during the holiday season.

The Joy Reunion’s new single talks about falling in and out of love with someone or something but saying it in a way where there’s hope, showing there is beauty in the journey itself.

8DBCF09B-4BE9-4EE8-9D8B-F03D74872150Along with that, Old Town and Country was co-written by all three members from The Joy Reunion, which includes Gentry Monreal, Robert Easley and Neil Morrison

This new single, Old Town and Country by The Joy Reunion is a great tune! The trio has a special sound, one of which makes them particularly stand out even more in any song they choose to record. If you’re a fan of country music, you will definitely enjoy The Joy Reunion and their latest single, Old Town and Country

Be sure to follow The Joy Reunion on social media including on Facebook, Instagram and at their website, If you would like to download The Joy Reunion’s new single, Old Town and Country on iTunes, you can by clicking the link HERE.

What do you think of The Joy Reunion and their latest single, Old Town and Country? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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