Hunter Hayes – Wild Blue Part 1

It’s been four years since a certain country music artist has released any new music, but that has officially changed as he is ready to turn the page.

The country musician, Hunter Hayes, released his brand new fourth album, Wild Blue Part 1, with ten new songs, digitally earlier this year. It starts a whole new chapter for Hayes’ in his career, and particularly one that everyone is excited about.

This new record is part one of a three part series according to Hayes when he announced the news of his new music being released early on the NBC’s Today Show back in August. The name of the album came from a memory the artist had from when he was young and that had always stuck with him through the years.

You can easily tell the album is heavily influenced by the artist as he had a part in writing each song on the record. Some of the songwriters on the album include Andy Grammer, Jordan Reynolds, Sara Haze, Sam Ellis, and Dave Barnes, just to name a few.

This record has a variety of outstanding songs on the album including the title track along with Madness, Heartbreak, One Good Reason, Dear God, Loving You, My Song Too, Night And Day, and more!

Click the image to download the album on iTunes

There’s definitely no question Hunter Hayes’ new album, Wild Blue Part 1 is a fantastic album! One of the things that makes this record so noteworthy, is you can see how much Hayes has grown in his music career in a great way. Every song on the album tells a captivating story through its impressive and fascinating lyrics. This is a great start to a new chapter and looking forward to hearing the rest of the series! Everyone who likes country music will definitely enjoy Hunter Hayes’ album, Wild Blue Part 1!

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