Home Free Headlines The Ryman

A upcoming country music a capella band, Home Free, just got to cross off a big thing on their bucket list by headlining two nights at one of the most famous venues in Nashville, Tennessee, being at The Ryman Auditorium.

Home Free got the opportunity to headline for two nights on the historic stage on October 11th and October 12th. The CMBeat had the privilege of attending the first night and it could not have been a better show!

If you haven’t heard of Home Free before, they are a “a capella” group, meaning they only use their voices to perform or sing with. The band won season 4 of NBC’s show, The Sing-Off, and has been making their way to stardom ever since. They have created an amazing fan base online and even just launched their own record label, Home Free Records.

“Nashville, are you ready for a party?!” exclaimed Austin Brown, one of the members of Home Free walking out onto the stage to start the show. Another member of the group, Tim Foust also chatted with the audience saying “Welcome to the Mother Church of the Dive Bar Saints!” Everyone in the band was thrilled to be there, as Tim Foust said it very excitingly, “We packed The Ryman!”

Home Free performed a variety of songs, while opening the show with Remember This and Leave This Town, two tracks from their newest album, Dive Bar Saints and continued with more songs from the record such as the title track along with Catch Me If You Can, Lonely Girl’s World, Dreamer, Take Me Home Country Roads and Love Me Like That.

The band did a lot of great cover songs as well that include My Church by Maren Morris, Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran, Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys, Old Town Road by Billy Ray Cyrus & Lil’ Nas X, and Some Girls Do by Sawyer Brown.

A couple of memorable moments during the show has to include when they let one of the co-founder’s of the group, Adam Rupp, do a solo performance, beat boxing and doing a great imitation of Michael Jackson, by dancing the singer’s classic moves and singing a brief clip of Jackson’s song, Billie Jean. The other special moment of the show, was definitely when Home Free brought out a songwriter, Jeffery East to participate in singing a song he co-wrote for Home Free’s latest album called, Why Not!

As a surprise to the audience, Home Free came back out for a two song encore, performing a cover of Crosby, Stills & Nash’s tune, Helplessly Hoping and a cover of Johnny Cash’s hit song, Ring Of Fire. While singing Helplessly Hoping, Home Free was singing it completely a capella with no microphones, their voices breathtakingly filled The Ryman Auditorium, and right before the song ended, a fan yelled out “Thank You” from the crowd, perfectly capturing what every Home Free fan in the audience felt at that moment.

If you have never seen Home Free in concert, they are definitely a show you don’t want to miss! There’s absolutely no question Home Free has an amazing unique show, from entertaining, to showcasing their incredible vocals and the way they combine their voices together. The other thing that is impressive with Home Free, is you can easily tell they are very appreciative of their fans, by the way they interact with the audience. Everyone who likes great music, should definitely go see Home Free in concert!

Be sure to follow Home Free on their social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at their website, www.homefreemusic.com.

What do you think about Home Free? Have you seen them in concert before or got to attend one of their shows at The Ryman? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


44 thoughts on “Home Free Headlines The Ryman

  1. Cindy Ehlers says:

    I have been following Home Free since they won the Song Off. I have been so lucky to see them in concert 10 times. They are just the best and I enjoy every concert that I have attended. Their harminies, the best boxing, their voices are so easy to listen to.

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    • Nancy Long says:

      I have been following home free for 6 years they are amazing and I really love their music I’ve been able to go to two of their concerts here in Louisville Kentucky cannot wait until they come back it’s a show worth going to

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  2. Gill Cordwell says:

    Great article about a great bunch of guys. Home Free’s harmonies are so pure and seemless, they touch you emotionally like no other. Their enthusiasm for their craft is contagious and you always leave a show with a huge smile on your face. My friend and I have travelled from Australia to the USA three times now and each show was better than the last! Already have our tickets for their shows in Australia next year, can’t wait.

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  3. Marcia Grzesiak says:

    So glad you finally got a chance to see/hear them live. I told you that you’d be impressed. You know what I think of those 5 extremely talented young men or I wouldn’t have been to 60+ of their shows and have tickets for more during the Spring. Their regular shows are such fun but when they’re performing on the Ryman stage, they shine even brighter. For those who haven’t seen a Home Free show yet, they don’t know what they’re missing.

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      • Conny Berger says:

        Even though I actually got no chance to see them at the Ryman I’m all excited for them to come back to Europe next year at their Dive Bar Saints World Tour. I got the chance to see them 7 times in Europe at their Timeless Tour and never regret driving a lot of miles way back than. These guys are absolutely awesome. And there is no way to describe it. You have to experience it on your own.

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    I have been following home Free for 5 yrs and have seen them in concert many times. The thing that always blows my mind is that they keep getting better and better. Their personalities are just as wonderful as their music. They have a unique relationship with their fan base because of their open, giving personalities. they give so much of themselves that we fans can’t help but be completely supportive in return. Thank you for this wonderful article.

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  5. Jane Meier says:

    Home Free are the real deal. They aren’t recording artists, relying on technology to make them sound good. They are highly skilled and massively talented singers. They are also very good entertainers. I will see them for the 8th time this spring.

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  6. Susan says:

    I have seen Home Free several times and each show is better than the last. They truly love their fans! I was at their show at the Ryman November 12 and it knocked “go to show at the Ryman ” off my bucket list in the most awesome way!!

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  7. Sue Gales says:

    I have seen Home Free several times in concert, and their concerts keep getting better and better! They have received great support from their fan base, and in return, the band has brought us fans along for the ride. They have worked hard to get where they are and deserve all they have accomplished and more.
    Thank you for the article. You have made this Home Fry ( name for there fans), happy.

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  8. Lisa Marshall says:

    Home Free is such a talented group of men. They are each capable of being a star on their own but the combination of the five is pure magic – they complement each other so well, it’s just incredible how they blend so perfectly. You will never miss having instruments when you listen to Home Free – Adam Rupp blows my mind with every performance, his drum sound are perfect and the harmonics is just wow! Every song sound so full and I prefer their covers to the originals. Their personalities keep the fans so loyal – they are open, fun, share their families with us and have included fans in videos. They are all around great guys!

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    • Sandi Ferrell says:

      I have been a fan since 2014, and have gone to 8 concerts so far. These five men are so talented, they have beautiful voices, can write & arrange songs and then have the time to make every fan feel special. They make this 71 year old feel like she is 16 again. Love that your article tries to explain the fan passion about Home Free and their music. Thank you.

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  9. Sian Pinnell says:

    I’ve sent them twice in England and am so looking forward to seeing them in Europe 3 times next year. Alas! I can only do 3!!!!
    They are simply AmAZING . One of the best concerts I have ever been to.
    And the fan base is amassing too. The group inspires so much love and kindness it overflows to the fans. I have never seen or felt such love from fans.
    I tell everyone: listen and love, and follow. But as Tim says,
    It’s even better live.
    Thanks for sharing

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  10. Janette Estes says:

    I’ve been fortunate to see Home Free several times. They are truly amazing. Their harmony can make you cry it’s so beautiful. They are truly really nice guys who appreciate their fans. I’m happy to be one of the Home Fries. Anyone who hasn’t heard them doesn’t know what they’re missing.

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  11. Elaine Johnson says:

    My absolute favorite group!! Fell in love with them on the Sing Off and have followed them since. Any one of these 5 guys could make it as a solo, I think, but the way their beautiful voices blend and their unique harmonies and arrangements are taking them to the top! Adam Rupp, the beat boxer is spectacular! They have built a wonderfully loyal fan base in part, because they are so open and receptive to their fans, and reach out and share so much of their lives and how they do what they do! The judges on the Sing Off were right when they said that people all around the world would love their sound….their world wide sold out shows prove it!! Thanks for the nice article about our favorite guys!!

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  12. Donna Webster says:

    I’m a fairly recent fan, seeing them for the first time two years ago. Instantly became one of my favorites and was lucky enough to see them since. Extremely talented and so kind to their audiences. They really have fun on stage and, when able, stay after performances to meet and greet fans. Easy to get hooked on these great guys. Really enjoyed reading your article.

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  13. Jan Caracter says:

    These guys are the cream of the crop in performers, country, acapella or otherwise. The group’s talent and spontaneous versatility separate them into a professional class of their own. Adam Rupp, the founder/beatboxer is a class act all by himself and his solo segment of their shows is legendary. Thank you for your outstanding coverage of my favorite country acapella group.

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  14. Anne Price says:

    Oh my goodness! I love Home Free so much! I listen to their music every day ( since I discovered them at the end of 2016)! I’ve been to 5 of their concerts, each one better than the one before. Last concert was about a month ago. Their sound blows me away every time. I’m so glad you were able to see them at the Ryman.

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  15. Mary Gable says:

    I will be heading to my 4th home free concert in the spring of 2020. Love the new album and I support them on Patreon. I am also glad to see they are getting so much of the recognition they deserve as they are so extremely talented. Now to wait for the spring concert so I can the new tour for Dive Bar Saints

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  16. Beth Borgman says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article about my favorite a capella band Home Free!! They are awesome! I’ve been to 7 shows in 2 yrs. Their voices are pure magic and their sound is so unique. Their albums are fantastic as are their videos but my goodness Home Free is absolutely amazing in concert! I could go every day and never get tired of them. I’m proud to be a Home Free Home Fry!!!

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  17. Karen T Anderson says:

    I have only been following Home Free since 2017 and have seen them numerous times and have put over 85,000 miles on my car driving to see them even to Alaska. They are like no other band. The are truly amazing down to earth fun loving guys. I have been to 3 shows of theirs at the Ryman and many at the Grang Ole Opry. If people have not seen them they need to, they will be blown away by these fantastic voices. Thank for this article.

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  18. Sherry Lewis says:

    Thank you for this great write up about a talented group of guys-many of us like to listen to for their pure vocal talent. They make the state of MN proud when they sing in Nashville and a major sporting events. Your write up is a winner like these guys.0

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  19. Deborah Parker says:

    They are a wonderful group of very talented young men! I have followed them since 2013 and can’t get enough of their music. They give so much of themselves to their fans. I was fortunate enough to do a UVIP session and they treated each of us with such attention and were kind open and ever so honest with us. They have voices of angels! Their music has helped many of us through some rough patches and made many a bad day feel good again. Can’t give them enough praise or thank them and their families enough for sharing them and their talent with us. Thank you for the article! Truely want to see them get all the credit they deserve and get the word out their so more people can see and hear just how truely amazing they are!!

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  20. Joyce Eaton says:

    Thank you for your great article on Home Free! They are super talented and fun to be around! They put on a fantastic show that gets better with time! They love their fans as much as we love them!

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  21. Cathrine Jensen says:

    Thank you for taking me to The Ryman! I may not be able to go overseas for these two shows, but your description makes my heart warm. Been lucky to attend three shows in the past, one time in my country Norway and two times in Denmark. All three of those shows has become some of my best memories. I’m so excited for them to come back to Europe next year. ❤️ The combination of good music, amazing voices, and kind and humble guys, are magic.

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  22. Judy Boren says:

    I was there for both nights and they were two of the best shows I have attended. I try & make 5 or 6 shows a year since 2017. They are always “ON” and just keep getting better & better. There is just nothing out there like Home Free, they are truly “one in a million”.

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  23. Billie Everett says:

    I learned about Homefree in 2018, went to my first show in March that year. And I’m going to my 3rd concert Dec 11 in Knoxville Tn, the same place I saw them the first time, 4 of us are going, 2 are brand new to Homefree and all us can’t wait. Bought our tickets as soon as they went on sale in July and been counting down the days ever since

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