The Gatlin Brothers Come To Arkansas

It was a great night for a concert on October 26th, as three well known siblings in the country music industry came to Forrest City, Arkansas at the East Arkansas Community College to perform, Larry, Steve and Rudy: The Gatlin Brothers!

“We are really glad to see y’all!” claimed Larry Gatlin as he made his way out onto the stage first. While introducing his brothers he said, they are not my backup singers and continued by saying “They are my two best friends.” explaining how the trio has been through everything together.

While at the beginning of the show, Larry Gatlin chatted with the audience for a few minutes, along with making a sweet and uncommon request to have the house lights left up a little, so that the brothers could see everyone in the crowd.

The Gatlin Brothers started off their show in a very patriotic way by singing the National Anthem and continued with Houston (Means I’m One Day Closer To You). After that, the next song they sang, Brothers, was dedicated to Patrick Swayze, as Larry and Swayze recorded the tune together for the movie Swayze starred in, Next of Kin.

Along with those, The Gatlin Brothers performed a variety of their songs, such as I Don’t Wanna Cry, Bitter They Are Harder They Fall, I Just Wish You Were Someone I Love, Broken Lady, All The Gold In California, and ended with an encore of Fair Winds. There was two memorable performances, as the trio sang I’ve Done Enough Dyin’ Today that beautifully showcased the brothers harmonies together, as well as Larry singing solo on the song, The Heart, that was recorded by Tom Jones.

A big part of the show included Larry Gatlin telling stories from him and his brothers careers in country music, as Larry was just inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame, Larry has written sixteen out of the eighteen albums that the trio has recorded and has written songs for so many artists throughout the years such as, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Barbara Streisand and more.

Larry Gatlin also talked about the friendships he had with country artists, Roger Miller and Johnny Cash along with June Carter Cash. When talking about Roger Miller, Larry said quote “He was a good man.” Larry Gatlin also told the story about how he was asked by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash to sing at their farewell parties.

Check out The Gatlin Brothers’ post about the show on Instagram below or by clicking HERE.

The Gatlin Brothers closed the show with Larry saying, “The Gatlin Brothers have had fun tonight!” This show by The Gatlin Brothers was definitely something special and unique! It’s very interesting to see the artists come out by themselves, just performing acoustically with their guitars and microphones. Thank you to Larry, Steve and Rudy for a wonderful show!

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