Exclusive Interview with Nikki Briar

A upcoming country music artist, Nikki Briar, who is originally from New Jersey, has been making her way through the country music scene.

The singer songwriter recently got time to chat with me about a few things including how she got interested in music and some dream collaborations she would like to do. Briar also talked about touring life with a family at home, what she feels like her biggest accomplishment was in this year, and when fans can expect new music from her!

Emily Ann Wells: When did you become interested in making music?
Nikki Briar: It was just a way of life for me growing up with musician parents and extended family members being musicians, music was part of our daily lives so I considered it a family member really. I was and still am an educator and was going into that career direction when 10 years ago I was approached with a beautiful opportunity to do songwriting in Nashville and record…it’s one thing performing on stage and covering some of my favorites but it’s a whole different thing writing and releasing your own music and hearing the audience sing along!

EAW: For the people that haven’t heard of you before, how would you describe yourself or your sound?
NB: I’m a country artist with a rock edge…being from the east coast our music has a rock influence and I love to mix southern rock into my style as well. I like to keep the energy to my music up and high, getting everyone to sing and dance and enjoy a party atmosphere. The fun part is that over the 10 years and numerous songs I have written and released, they have been diverse for my fan base and range from ballads to traditional country to folk and pop country. It’s totally fun changing it up!

EAW: You have toured some, where is some places you would like to go do a show in the future?
NB: Texas and Vegas! We are so blessed to work and perform so much and I absolutely love traveling! We are planning a west coast tour so that will be mega fun!

EAW: You released your latest single, Thank You, a while back. How was it releasing that song and when can fans expect new music from you? Any plans for a full album?
NB: Thank You is a fun summer song about being thankful for good times with friends and praising the One who has given us the opportunity to enjoy each day! It’s exciting hear it on the radio especially at unexpected times!

My 7th release entitled Forever Young comes out in the fall and I am currently working on #8 entitled, Weekend Warrior! I have a full album released already with 10 songs available everywhere entitled, Dancin’ In The Headlights and now with nearly 30 songs out there available for download and streaming, I have been enjoying releasing singles so I can focus on that theme and particular song when I am on tour or doing radio promo.

Click the image to download Nikki Briar’s latest single, Thank You on iTunes

EAW: If you could do a dream collaboration, who would it be with and why?
NB: I would love to do a collaboration with Gretchen Wilson and Miranda Lambert because I love their style and sense of comfortable independence as artists and as women. I would also love to collaborate or perform with Kenny Chesney because…he’s Kenny Chesney!

EAW: Do you have any goals you want to accomplish in the rest of 2019?
NB: As a new mom of 2 baby boys, performing up to my 8th month of pregnancy with Rodney Atkins and Jerrod Niemann and returning to our scheduled tour dates only a month after giving birth has already been a huge accomplishment, I think the commitment and passion is so evident especially after 10 years! I’m blessed and humble to do what I do because I I truly cannot go a week without performing or songwriting. We accomplished a lot in 2019 and I look forward to what 2020 brings us in our 11th year!

There’s undoubtedly no question that Nikki Briar is a great artist! She obviously has passion for her music, putting a lot of hard work and dedication into everything she does. While keeping up with her music career, she is also balancing out her family life as well, which is an accomplishment in its self. This wonderful artist, Nikki Briar, definitely will have a long journey in her music career.

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What do you think of Nikki Briar? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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