Jenna Paulette Releases Modern Cowgirl Vol. 1

A great upcoming artist in country music, Jenna Paulette has just released some wonderful new music that country music fans alike are going to enjoy.

The singer’s new EP, Modern Cowgirl Vol. 1, which was just released is part of a unique new style that Paulette has created, as she refers to it as the New West. It creatively puts together the old-fashioned country music in with a modern twist of today.

This new collection of music by the Nashville, Tennessee native features five amazing brand new songs including F-150, Wild Like The West, Small Talk, Midnight Cowboy and Blue Jeans. Each song on the EP is undoubtedly incredible in its own way.

“This EP is a long time coming for me, and I feel like it represents the lane I want to fill in country music.” Jenna Paulette exclusively tells The CMBeat. “It’s the western lifestyle represented lyrically and sonically in a fresh, modern way. I want people to take away all the Cowboy feels from my perspective!”

Paulette also talked about how she would like to bring a new light to the everyday cowgirl. “I called it “Modern Cowgirl: Volume 1” because I think people’s general view of the Cowgirl is a little out of date and I want to shift that into perspective. We listen to all kinds of music, we live in this day and age, we’re still real and down to earth but we’ve got an edge to us…now more than ever it really is cool to be Cowgirl.”

Click the image to download the EP on iTunes

There’s no question that this brand new EP by Jenna Paulette is definitely a excellent direction towards where her country music career could go. By staying true to what she knows and adding a interesting modern day spin to her music, it’s definitely an awesome combination. Any country music fan will be sure to like Jenna Paulette’s amazing new EP, Modern Cowgirl Vol. 1!

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What do you think of Jenna Paulette and her new EP, Modern Cowgirl Vol. 1? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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