Exclusive Interview with Chance McKinney 

A country music singer songwriter hailing from Montana, Chance McKinney, has been working hard for several years now in the country music industry.

Most recently the country artist found time to talk with me about making music, and his exciting upcoming tour. Along with that, we also talked about his new EP, I, and one of his most memorable moments that McKinney has had so far in his career.

Emily Ann Wells: Who are some artists that influence you the most?
Chance McKinney: Old Dominion has quickly become a favorite. I love their writing and their delivery. It’s open, fresh and sonically delicious.

EAW: What is your favorite part about making music?
CM: Taking a song from an idea, to a lyric/melody, to a guitar/vocal, and then handing it off to the producer (Kevin Ray Lawson) with a couple suggestions and seeing what the Wizard of Lawz does with it. It’s like opening Christmas presents all year round when you’re crankin’ out music as fast as we are!

EAW: You’ve played for many big acts. Is there any one in particular you liked playing the most? Why?
CM: I just finished shows with Keith Anderson, so those are fresh on my mind. That guy is a riot. He’s so enjoyable to be around, both on and off the stage. I’ve got some Jake Owen stuff coming up – excited for that! Each artist I’ve done shows with (Blake, Luke, Dierks, Darius, Trace, and more) has been unique in their own way. I loved Blake’s interactions, Luke’s energy, Dierks’ synergy with his band and crowd, Darius’ charisma, and Trace’s storytelling. They’ve all had something that people are drawn to, and watching them work is like sitting in a classroom for up and coming artists.

EAW: Is there a song you have written or co-written that means something special to you or you resonate with?
CM: Tons of ’em. Most songs are about 10% truth and 90% build around it. Being a relatively new songwriter, a lot of my stuff tends to be more 50/50. “Be Real,” “Down 2 Get Up,” “Why,” “We Good” and especially “Take It Back” resonate or have very special places in my heart. Each has an element of “me” in it that’s unique and un-repeatable.

EAW: You recently released a new EP, I. What was your favorite part about releasing the new project?
CM: We released “I” in May, and it debuted at #27 on the album charts. It feels great to be a part of something like this, and I can’t wait to release more music soon. Win or lose, we know we’ll be giving fans new music every time they wear out the old project. And that is the way this generation consumes music… fast and a lot!

Click the image to download the EP on iTunes

EAW: If you could have a songwriting session with any artist and get advice from, who would it be and why?
CM: I’d probably pick Thomas Rhett if I had to pick an artist/writer combo. We’re completely different, and yet, refreshingly the same but on opposite ends of the vocal spectrum. I just think writing with your polar opposite would produce something unique.

EAW: You’ve been in the music business a while. Is there one moment that is special to you when you look back on it or is the most memorable?
CM: July 16, 2018, when “Take It Back” landed at National Radio and got scooped up in some major markets on the first day!

EAW: What can your fans expect from you for the rest of 2018?
CM: Lots of radio touring! With “Take It Back” landing in major markets and others following suit, I would love to strengthen relationships with fans across the country.

You can easily tell that this country artist, Chance McKinney, is definitely hard working and puts his all into everything he does. He is determined and dedicated to making the best music possible. McKinney certainly has a great journey to continue on in the country music industry. A special thank you to Chance McKinney for taking the time out for this interview!

Be sure to follow Chance McKinney on his social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at his website, www.chancemckinney.com.

What do you think of my Exclusive Interview with Chance McKinney? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!


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