Exclusive Interview with Jenna Paulette

A rising country music artist, Jenna Paulette, hailing from Texas, has been impressing many country music fans alike with her new interesting music style, the New West.

The singer recently found time to chat with me about a few things including how she describes her sound, what she likes to do in her down time, along with some goals she would like to accomplish in her career. Paulette also talked about her latest single, Mexico, and when fans can expect new music from the artist coming soon!

Emily Ann Wells: When and what got you interested in music? What made you say, I need to pursue this as a career for my life?
Jenna Paulette: I was about 8 and thinking about how much I loved the way “Cowboy Take Me Away” made me feel, and how it made me think about how I felt at the ranch. I thought to myself that I wanted to help other people experience the same feelings. Soon after that, I saw LeAnn Rimes perform “Blue,” on the Disney Channel, and from then on I was like, “That’s it, that what I want to do!”

EAW: What would you do for a career if you couldn’t do music?
JP: Work on our ranch, be a mom and probably do some brand development on the side. I am very ambitious, so I need to have a foot in both worlds…the rural side of things and the business world…it’s good for my soul and for my brain.

EAW: How did you come up with the “New West?”
JP: I was actually driving to Kentucky from Nashville to see a friend of mine and had just had a conversation with one of my songwriting mentors. He was like Jenna, you need to figure out your “thing.” And I was like where do I begin?! I am such an oxymoron – I felt like the two very real and important sides of who I am are so opposite that there was no way for people to understand or relate to me. I wasn’t fully what you expect from a Cowgirl, but I wasn’t just what you see from my love of fashion and iced coffee. 😉

The words “New West” popped into my head on that drive, and that was the beginning of me understanding how to communicate who I am with the world. Since then, I have had help further defining it and figured more of it out myself, but that was the beginning, and it has set the tone for everything I do as an artist. I am so thankful, I really feel like God just whispered it to me – and I thought, “Yes, that’s it!”

EAW: Is there something you love to do when you’re not busy with music?
JP: I love to cook and listen to Kenny Chesney, and dream. That turns any Sunday afternoon into the perfect day for me.

EAW: You recently released your latest single, “Mexico,” that is a JAM. How has the reaction to the song been?
JP: Thank you so much!!! It’s been great, people have been saying they are hearing their husbands and boyfriends singing it around the house…that makes me so happy! I think if the guys like it—you’re winning in this business. 🙂

Click the image to download the single on iTunes

EAW: What is something your fans would be surprised to know about you?
JP: I LOVE history and watching documentaries…kinda dorky, but it makes me so happy! I love to learn.

EAW: When can fans expect new music from you?
JP: This fall! And maybe a few surprises in the next few months! Can’t wait for you to hear and if you want sneak peeks follow me on Insta—@jennapaulette

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EAW: Do you have any goals or one major goal you would like to accomplish in your career?
JP: I want to have multiple number ones, because if I accomplish that I really will make a career out of this crazy dream—I’d love to win a Grammy too. 🙂

This new artist, Jenna Paulette, is certainly a breath of fresh air to country music. She strives in creating the right style to express who she is, and showcasing her music, while staying true to herself and her roots. Paulette definitely has a bright and exciting future ahead of her!

Be sure to follow Jenna Paulette on her social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at her website, www.jennapaulette.com.

What do you think of my Exclusive Interview with Jenna Paulette? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below or on social media!

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