Exclusive Interview with Natalie Stovall 

Every artist’s dream is to make it in the music industry. There’s one singer/songwriter, Natalie Stovall, who has been working hard since she was very young to do just that.

The well established artist that hails from Tennessee, recently found time to chat about being a multi-instrumentalist, her time on NBC’s The Voice, some of her inspiration from her friend, Bobby Bones, along with a new tour coming up. Plus, Stovall talks about new music in the works, and a life lesson she has learned through the years while making her way through the music business.

Emily Ann Wells: You are mostly known for your incredible violin playing but you are a multi-instrumentalist. What other instruments can you play? Which one would you say was the hardest to learn?
Natalie Stovall: I play Guitar and sometimes Mandolin in my shows and at home. But Fiddle was and still is the hardest by far! It is such a tricky instrument, and there are times where I still feel like a beginner. But I love a good challenge. 😉

EAW: You tour a lot throughout the year. What are some things you like to do when you’re not on the road?
NS: Hang with my sweet pup, Cinnamon. I love Hot Yoga and hiking. Catching up with my girlfriends. And of course I’m always writing new music and planning the next tour.

EAW: What is it like working and traveling with Bobby Bones? Is there a best piece of advice he has ever given you?
NS: Bobby is such a huge champion and supporter of new artists and music in general. He is brutally honest, which of course is one of the main things everyone loves about him! He won’t pretend to like something unless he truly does, which makes it an even bigger compliment when he plays my music. He is FEARLESS on stage. (And really, in all aspects of his career) When he gets inspired – he just rolls with it and will call any song at any given moment – whether the band has rehearsed it (or even knows it) or not. He pushes us to go outside of our comfort zones constantly and I’ve played songs in front of 35,000 people with him that I’ve never played before and come off stage exhilarated because “we did it!” It’s carried over into my own stage show already, and I hope it continues to!

EAW: You just released a new single, Can’t Love You No More. How would you describe the song? Is there something in particular you like about it?
NS: This song is perfect for summertime and sunshine and is launching the start of my Red Balloon Tour. It’s all about how you couldn’t love this person or thing more than you already do. We’ll be playing shows all throughout the US all summer long.

Click the image to download the single on iTunes

EAW: You made your Grand Ole Opry debut at age 12. Where has been your favorite place to play since you’ve been performing?
NS: Aw Man! That’s an impossible question. I mean, there is nothing like standing in that sacred Circle at the Opry. I’ve had the opportunity to do that many times now, which will never ever get old. Performing at the White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner for President George W Bush and The First Lady was one of the cooler, high profile gigs I got to do. I remember standing on the podium looking out into the crowd to see Larry David and Larry King sitting at the front table next to one another. It was a room stacked with movie stars, music stars, press, and government officials. It was quite a surreal experience.

EAW: When and what can fans expect in new music soon?
NS: We’ve been releasing singles every few months since December. “Wine or Whiskey” was first, “Making Out In Cars” was 2nd and “Can’t Love You No More” is the 3rd single in this series, There are definitely more to come throughout the year!

EAW: You’ve been playing and performing since you were young. What is the best lesson you’ve learn about the music industry through the years?
NS: NEVER GIVE UP. I learned that at a young age, and I still learn it over and over again. I even learned it on my time on The Voice. Right when I thought my time on the show was over, they swooped me back up and Blake made me his Comeback for an even bigger and better opportunity. If you can hang in there and keep working hard, you never know what’s right around the corner.

EAW: What is something special that has happened to you in your music career that makes you happy to look back on or you’re really proud of?
NS: I’ve been overseas at least once a year every year for over 7 years now with Navy Entertainment to play for our US Troops. The coolest show we ever played was on the deck of the USS John C. Stennis while it was deployed in the middle of the Persian Gulf on Thanksgiving Day. We served Thanksgiving Dinner to the sailors and then played a show for them, and it is, to this day, the most epic show we ever played. I’m also so proud of my time on the road with my band, the Drive. Our first single sent to country radio broke the Top 40 at a time when new females were not being played on country radio. And we got to make a record with legendary Nashville producer, Paul Worley. I think back on that whole time with a heart drawn around it.

This singer/songwriter, Natalie Stovall, definitely has put in the time and dedication in to pursuing what she loves to do. She is very talented, from her being able to play multiple instruments skills, to her music. Stovall has had a bright journey in the music industry so far, and it’s only the beginning.

Be sure to follow Natalie Stovall on her social media including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at her website, www.nataliestovall.com.

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