Ali Morgan Talks About New Single, Paperback Boy

A young talented artist, Ali Morgan, is on the rise in the country music scene and the singer is ready to start releasing some fresh music including a new single available now called, Paperback Boy.

Ali Morgan recently found a few minutes to chat about her latest single, to give fans a more insightful view of it, along with her thoughts about making the song and it’s significant meaning in today’s world.

The artist revealed that her new song is the only single that she didn’t write for her upcoming EP, but she couldn’t wait to record it and make it her own, once she heard it. “We were looking around at different songs, and the second I heard this one, I fell in love instantly. I was so excited to lay down the vocals.” says Morgan, “Hearing what my producer Chad Carlson did with it, I couldn’t wait to get started. Being able to make this song my own in the studio was definitely the best part.”

This single is no doubt a catchy feel good song, telling a story about a person who has a great quality that is rare to find. “I feel like whenever I hear this song, I want to get up and dance.” Continues Morgan, “It’s just that kind of song where your body wants to move. Paperback Boy is about an old soul who lives in this technology filled world. He’s got this special vintage thing about him. The song mentions drive-in movies and drinking a shake with two straws. Little things like that make him different than all of the other guys.”

The singer/songwriter has grown up listening to a variety of music, so by leaning towards more of a country-pop vibe with this song, Morgan was delighted to mix things up for a change. “I was so excited when I realized I would be recording this song, it was something different. I grew up listening to all kinds of music, so the fact that this song has a pop edge was interesting to me. I’m glad I have a little something for everybody,” says Morgan.

In addition to being a rising artist, Ali Morgan is also a young adult growing up in the new generation where our lives are centered around technology. Although the singer can already recognize when she sees something noteworthy. “I think what’s special about this song is what it’s about.” Says Morgan, “It’s so crazy how our world revolves around technology. Being a teenager, I’m growing up where a lot of our relationships are happening through Snapchat, or Instagram. This song is about a boy who’s different, who’s not like that. I think an old school kind of love is something very special.”

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This new single, Paperback Boy, by Ali Morgan, will sure to become a favorite to play all year round. Whether you like country, pop, country-pop or just a good love song, this is sure to have something for everyone. You can easily tell from this great song, and from her talking about it, that Morgan is an old soul whom is very wise beyond her years. Paperback Boy is definitely another wonderful stepping stone in her career.

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